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Seasonal Ideas : Fall :

Classroom Themes & Bulletin Boards Looking for ideas for your classroom theme or bulletin board? Visit with us! Post your questions and share ideas here! source

ProTeacher Community Visit our growing community of elementary school teachers! Get involved today! Ask questions and share ideas with teachers nationwide. Over 30 active discussion boards. Newcomers always welcome! Free! source

Autumn Leaves & Fall Art Projects - Art projects using collected autumn leaves or making colorful fall leaves using art materials source

October - Various October themes source

Red Ribbon Week Activities - Everything you need to have a successful Red Ribbon Week. source

Pumpkin Unit - October is a great month to do a pumpkin unit with your students. Here's a collection of pumpkin ideas! source

Halloween Theme - Here are some Halloween theme ideas to use in your classroom. source

Columbus Day - Here are some Columbus Day activities. source

October Activity Ideas - Whether your school celebrates Halloween or not, this collection is full of ideas that can be used throughout the month of October. source

Halloween Adjectives Activity - I have done an activity where students make paper goblins and on a strip of paper they list adjectives which describe their goblin. The mouth of the goblin is cut out so the strip of paper can slided through and each word appears in the goblins mouth. I had students trade goblins ...source

Math Monster - I program a sheet for each student to create a Math Monster. Here is how I set it up:
number of eyes 21 - 15 =
number of arms 4 + 4 =
number of legs 2 x 3 =
Monsters Body: Your Design! The list goes on for noses, hands, spots, toes, fingers, and feet. I also leave a space for the Monsters Name...source

Witchie Poo Loves Great Work Too! -
The bulletin board is covered with tropical blue butcher paper. The border of the board was covered with a black garland that had purple bats hanging on it. Witchie Poos face was made with green crumpled butcher paper. Her eyes, nose, and mouth were made from styrofoam that was cut and painted. Her hair was made from the left over bat garland that was used for the border. Her arms and legs were made by cutting a purple and black striped pair of pantyhose. The arms and legs were stuffed with butcher paper. Her hands were a pair of old...source

Biggest Pumpkin Ever, The - The lesson ideas here are varied and cover a wide range of subjects. There is pumpkin seed math, measuring a pumpkin, and even a writing activity source

Go on a Bat Quest - Students work with a partner to search the Internet to find out why bats should be considered an important animal and treated with respect source

Halloween Clip Art - A collection of Halloween Clip Art source

Halloween Safety - Safety tips and common sense suggestions for a safe Halloween season source

Halloween Tales - Twelve story starters for your students. Not all are for Halloween source

Museums in the Classroom Pumpkin Project - Pumpkin Project includes lessons, hands-on activities, worksheets, resources, extension ideas, connections to standards, and integration ideas source

October Activities - Great themes and cross curricular ideas for October! Bats, Spiders, Pumpkins, Halloween activities and Columbus Day source

October Calendar - October calendar with holidays and writing prompts or journal entries source

October Themes - Activity ideas for pumpkins, scarecrows, and Halloween by kindergarten teacher Denise Fischer source

Pumpkin Exploration - Groups of students combine mathematical procedures and scientific observation while examining three pumpkins source

Pumpkin Farm - Teachers Module for Pumpkins and Halloween. Halloween traditions, pumpkin growth cycle, carving tips, pumpkin farm quiz, puzzles, and source

Pumpkin Homework - Kindergarten children and their parents measure the circumference of a pumpkin source

Pumpkin Science - Questions and activity ideas for using the pumpkin to study the scientific method source

The Monster Exchange Project - An online contest that runs from October through November. Pair up with another class via the internet and send each other descriptions of monsters. Try to draw them source

Theres a Nightmare in my Closet - Use this book to teach sight words or phonics. It can also be used to help children talk about their nightmares source

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