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Clouds - A friend gave me a booklet she did with her K/1s this year on clouds...she listed each type of cloud and then read a book (or pages from a book...I doubt there are books about each type of cloud at the K/1 level) about each type of cloud then the kids made that type of cloud. I did not see the finished product but she told me they used cotton balls for one type...source

All About Clouds - USA Today Theme Page contains Internet links to information on cloud types (fog, cirrus, stratus, cumulus), cloud locations, cloud formation, and influences on weather source

Cloud Boutique - Large cloud images with short explanations from the PSC Meteorology Program provide a general cloud reference. View Cirrus, Cumulus, Stratus clouds and more source

Cloud Simulation - Students observe a cloud simulation in a jar to learn about conditions necessary for cloud formation (Grades 2-4) source

Clouds - Children demonstrate understanding by talking, writing, and painting clouds with this AskERIC lesson plan source

Clouds - Students draw clouds observed in the sky and match them to overhead pictures of stratus, cumulus, cumulonimbus, and stratus clouds source

Clouds - Integration unit includes ten lessons, Internet sites, graphic organizers, literature selections, and math connections for study of cloud types source

The Cloud In The Bottle - Demonstrate how humidity, temperature, and air pressure influence the formation of clouds by making a cloud in a bottle with this AskERIC lesson plan and activity source

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