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Endangered Animals

A WebQuest on Manatees - Third graders use the Internet to research the manatee and make suggestions on how to save this endangered animal source

EE-Link Endangered Species - A starting point for background information on the endangered species issue with links to various organizations and a listing of endangered and extinct species source

Endangered: Exploring a World at Risk - American Museum of Natural History presents information on many endangered species, their habitats, causes of plight, suggestions for improving survival chances and more source

Endangered Species - Students work in groups to research an endangered species with this integrated unit. Click source for additional integrated units source

Endangered Species - Students access the Internet to research an endangered animal of their choice source

Endangered Species 2000 - Think Quest Junior site provides information on Endangered Species of the Next Millennium. Topics include causes, species profiles, facts and quotes, and much more source

Endangered Species Webquest - Lesson on endangered species in which students learn terms related to Endangered Species and how the U. S. is divided into regions to list the species (Grades 6-8) source

Hawaiian Endangered Animal Coloring Book - Color pictures of endangered animals native only to Hawaii source

SchoolWorld Endangered Species Project - SchoolWorld Endangered Species Project encourges students of member schools to display written reports on their website source

TechnoZoo: Designing a Zoo Habitat - Students research, design, and construct models of zoo habitats for endangered animals. Integrates technology, science, English, and math source

The Wild Ones - A childrens education project of Wildlife Preservation Trust International. Links to student work, lesson plans, and information about endangered animals source

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