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Bones & Skeletal System

Skeletal System - Activities to use when teaching the skeletal system. source

Bone Builders - An osteoporosis awareness program for girls and young women includes information, worksheets, and resources source

Bone Up on Bones Webquest - Students identify the major bones of the human skeleton by their proper names and use the Internet to locate interesting facts about bones, ligaments, and cartilage source

Bones - Teachers guide with activities from Newtons Apple to explain the function of the human skeletal system and why it is necessary to keep bones strong source

Bones, Bones, and More Bones - Hand-on activities explain functions and make-up of bones, demonstrate strength of hollow bones, show weakness caused by lack of calcium, and model the backbone source

Bones! Bones! Bones! The Human Skeletal System - (PDF Document) Unit allows students to examine the human skeletal system. Topics include number and location of bones, ligaments, tendons, joints, fractures, and more source

Bones Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable wordsearch puzzle on the topic of human bones source

Broken Bones - Teachers guide with activities from Newtons Apple to explain how to care for the bones when a fracture has occurred source

I Know, I Wonder: An Introduction to Bones - Older students examine the bones of other animals (saved from meals) searching for clues into the characteristics and functions of human bones source

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