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Science, Math & Technology Got a question? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making science and math instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

ProTeacher Community Visit our growing community of elementary school teachers! Get involved today! Ask questions and share ideas with teachers nationwide. Over 30 active discussion boards. Newcomers always welcome! Free! source

Moon Phases - Have fun while teaching the phases of the moon with these exciting activities. source

Solar System - Lesson ideas for teaching about the solar system source

Edible Solar System - Ive used a lesson on making a solar system with different candies. It doesnt get the true size difference but does bring out some characteristics. You can either draw your orbits on black construction paper or a paper plate. Sun- butterscotch...source

phases of the moon lesson - I am actually trying to do a lesson plan for the phases of the moon right now. An activity I found was taking a white ball or ballon, and coloring half of it black (sit it on something so it does not roll). Have the kids sit in a circle around the ball and...source

planet advertisement - I did a thematic unit on the Solary System. One activity that was fun was creating a planet postcard. Students could pretend that they could go...source

planet postcards - We read the book, Postcards from Outerspace, a very kid-friendly informational book about the planets. Afterwrds, on large blank index cards, they were asked to choose a planet and write a postcard to a friend or family member giving them...source

Planetary Weather Report - One of our favorites is a Planetary Weather Report. I think we got the idea from a Scholastic planet book. We have a team of weather persons who...source

Solar System Tour - What I have done is make a class big book about each planet. Each student made a large page "poster" about a planet. They put down facts and information which others would find interesting. Then we hung up all the posters and ...source

Be a Planet - Younsters determine what planets are and recite the names of the planets in order with this activity. Extend lesson to study of planet attributes source

Clay Planets - Students create a model of the solar system using clay to represent different planets and other objects in the solar system with this hands-on activity source

Exploring Our Solar System - Thematic Unit on the Solar System designed for fifth grade ESL students source

Nine Planets Webquest - Students use the Internet to answer questions about the Nine Planets in our solar system (Grades 3-5) source

Our Solar System Webquest - Second graders study the planets of our solar system with this webquest source

Solar System Coloring Book - Coloring book with pictures and information on the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Asteroids, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and Comets (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

Solar System Trading Cards - Students collect solar system trading cards by playing an interactive card game. They identify the sun, planets, comets, and asteroids and learn facts about the solar system source

Solar System Wordsearch - A printable wordsearch puzzle on the solar system. Click source for answer key source

The Colonization of Mars Unit - Thematic unit on the colonization of the planet Mars for 5th and 6th graders. Students use scientific inquiry to solve various problems involved with colonization source

The Nine Planets - A Multimedia Tour of The Solar System. Includes detailed resource information source

The Solar System and Astronomy - Students explore the influences and characteristics of the sun, Earth and moon. Integrates technology across the curriculum source

The Solar System on a Smaller Scale - Students put dots on the classroom floor or make markings on the playground that show distances between the planets to make a scale model of our solar system source

Third Grade Solar System Unit - Games, activities, and models allow children to study the structure and characteristics of the solar system, and the rotations and revolutions of the Earth and the Moon source

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