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Water Cycle - These are activities you can use when teaching the water cycle. source

evaporation - Its very hard for young students to visualize water vapor and the evaporation/condensation cycle. I use a cup of snow that melts, then slowly "disappears". We talk about where it could have gone - the janitor might have drunk it! Jesse might have knocked it over. Finally someone usually suggests that it went into the air. I ask them how we could...source

Water - The book "A River Runs Wild" by Lynne Cherry is excellent! I use it and then follow up with an experiment on acid rain. We make three solutions. A = plain water, B = 1/2 cup vinegar/ 3/4 cup water for a mild acid. C = 100% vinegar. I have found it very effective to use cotton batting in clear plastic cups for any plant experiments. Its easy to...source

water cycle - Heres one Ive used for water cycle: Cut a 2 liter pop bottle in half about 4 inches from the base. Using potting soil and seeds or a small plant, make a terrarium in the bottom portion of the bottle. Water it and squeeze the top portion of the bottle inside the bottom to make a dome. You can also...source

Water Cycle - There is a little story thats really cute. Its great to get some puppets so that the kids can dramatize it while you are reading (mine were paper cut-outs) Adventures of Randy the Raindrop: Randy the raindrop lived in a cloud...source

Water Cycle Song - I also sang a cute song with hand motions...source

EPA Water Activities - Several activities from the Environmental Protection Agency on ground water, drinking water, and water polution source

Go With The Flow - Explore the movement of fluids and demonstrate turbulence with this experiment using a plastic bottle, liquid hand soap, and food coloring source

Lesson: The Rain Game - An activity that demonstrates the properties of rain that can easily be done with minimal material source

Model of a Well - An activity that describes ground water and the use of wells to tap its source source

Natick Third Grade: The Water Cycle - Mrs. Johnsons third graders present water cycle information, drawings, wordsearch, quiz, experiments, a song, a water conservation project and more source

NJAWWA Kids Zone - The New Jersey Section of the American Water Works Association promotes safe drinking water awareness with activities, facts, puzzles, projects, and Water Cycle Model source

Properties of Water - A lesson plan that includes background information on water and its properties, experiments, glossary, and a Teachers Guide source

The Water Cycle - Students observe a simple model of the water cycle constructed from a plastic baggie and cup placed in a sunny window source

The Water Cycle - Information for children, labeled water cycle diagram, and link to directions for making a water cycle model to use with experiments source

Water Curriculum - Students experiment to determine properties of water, infer how water is important, identify responsible uses of water, and more with this curriculum from British Columbia source

Water Lessons - A collection of hands-on lessons from the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality including "Making a Water Filter" and "Oily Oceans". source

Water Science for Schools - (INTERMEDIATE) Basic information about water. Includes several interesting online questionnaires and quizes source

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