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Science, Math & Technology Got a question? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making science and math instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

Landforms - These are hands on activities to reinforce the concept of landforms. source

land forms project - There are two different ways to create land forms with your sixth graders. To make land forms that involve water, have students create the forms in aluminum pie tins using homemade flour dough. Let them dry, then...source

A Prairie Tour - Fifth grade integrated unit leads students on an imaginary trip across the Canadian Prairies. Includes several lessons, activities, worksheets, assessments and source

AskERIC Lesson Plans: Earth Science - Several earth science lesson plans written by teachers or student teachers for grades K-12 source

Biomes-Habitats - Information, pictures, and definitions of different types of biomes/habitats from Enchanted Learning source

Deserts Webquest - Very young students draw and label a picture of a desert and write five interesting facts to share with their classmates about the animals and plants that live there source

Earth Science Webquest - Upper elementary students use bookmarked Internet sites to answer fifteen questions about the Earth. Topics include Crater Lake, volcanoes, earthquakes, landforms, and more source

Geography Clip Art - Growing collection of clip art related to geography. Subcategories include deserts, glaciers, mountains, oceans, plateaus, rainforests, rivers, volcanoes, water and more source

Geography Terms Worksheet - A reproducible activity in which students match pictures of landforms and bodies of water to geography terms source

Go With the Flow - Students experiment with a simulated river bed to learn that erosion takes place faster with a young, fast-moving river than with a slow, older river source

Landform Bingo Card - Make different bingo cards by reloading the page. This will change the words around source

Landforms and Bodies of Water - Glossary of thirty landforms with illustrations from Enchanted Learning source

NOAA Education Resources - Site helps students, teachers, librarians and the general public access the educational activities, publications, and booklets produced by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration source

Raders Terrarum - Physical Geography site studies land masses, oceans, atmospheres, environments and their interaction. Click stones for information on Earth, climate, land, water, sky, and energy source

Reshaping the World: A WebQuest - Using the Internet and other resources, students prepare a report on each continents landforms source

The Magic School Bus Explores Inside the Earth - A teachers activity guide from Microsoft to complement the CD-ROM. Extension activities on topics of Forming the Grand Canyon, Geodes, Volcanoes, Faults and more (Software not required) source

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