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Science, Math & Technology Got a question? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making science and math instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

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Learning the Order of the Planets - I tell the kids Mercury ends in a "y" just as "My" does so thats how you know Mercury is the first planet closest to the sun. Therefore, Mars is for "Mother", the 4th planet...source

Make a Comet - We make comets in our classroom in two ways -- I got these ideas from a NASA website. I do these after reading Marias Comet by Deborah Hopkinson. I also have the class listen to the song Halley Came to Jackson by ...source

Solar System Jeopardy - When we had done some extensive study of the solar system we summed it all up with a game of "Astronomy Jeopardy" I created categories:...source

Space - A teacher I worked with had a rocket hung from her ceiling. She made it from a large cylinder (I think she got it from a grain and feed store) that she covered with construction paper. She made a large cone form poster board for the top and added ...source

Space - Make an ABC space big book (ie: A is for astronaut.Start with a KWL chart on space, then you know what info. they already know. We do "Moon tickets" where the kids study the phases of the moon(one child per night, fill out a "moon coupon" with the shape and drawing). As a class, we keep track of the overall changes on individual calendars. Make constellations with sticky...source

space activities - Were doing a space unit right now! Its a great way to finish up the year, so exciting. Here are a few of the activities we do along with making a space book...source

Stars bulletin board theme - Draw a big happy looking star for the middle of the bulletin board - Put a real pair of sunglasses on the star -- Display students work on the bulletin board - Put their work up with a star cut-out in the corner...source

A Private Universe Project - Students investigate ideas about seasonal changes and the phases of the moon with hands-on activities source

A Satellites Centrifugal Force - Students use simple materials to explore how gravity and centrifugal force keep a satellite in orbit with this acivity from The Franklin Institute Online source

Artistic Adventures - Three visual arts activities based on a space theme. Students draw/color a comet, complete a Styrofoam Planet Project, or work on a Marble Planet Project source

AskERIC Lesson Plans: Space sciences - Several space science lesson plans written by teachers or student teachers for grades K-12 source

Astronomy Educational Activities - A collection of nearly twenty elementary activities organized into four themes: planet sizes and celestial movements, phases of the moon, and moon myths and facts source

Blast Off Through the Solar System - Art education activities help develop the concept of the Earth/Moons relationship to the Sun, the concept of seasons, and the concept of day and night source

Chart Your Course - Outline developed as guide to assist classroom teachers in writing a unit about Space using the Wonders of Space website. Grade 6 guide adaptable to other grades source

Constellations - Introduce young children to constellations using pictures and worksheets. Includes dot-to-dot worksheets of the Little Dipper and Draco the Dragon source

Cosmic Lessons - Unit of space study includes nine lessons on topics of Solar System, Planets, Stars, Constellations, Sun, Moon, Comets, Asteroids and Meteoroids source

Design a LGM (Little Green Man) - or a LGW - Upper elementary students draw an imaginary creature that has adapted to specific ecological needs of an imaginary planet source

Exploring Planets in the Classroom - More than 25 hands-on science activities for exploring geology, Earth, the planets, and space sciences source

Eyes on the Sky, Feet on the Ground - Hundreds of hands-on explorations into astronomy to be used as a classroom tool for learning how to theorize, experiment, and analyze data. Many activities are for advanced students source

Galaxies Galore, Games and More - Students practice using scientific investigation to gain an understanding of the structure of galaxies source

How Satellites See - Grade 3-8 students use hands-on activities to investigate how satellites use the electromagnetic spectrum to record and transmit data source

Lunar Life Support - Elementary students design and build models of life support systems for a settlement on the Moon source

Name That Constellation - Children study maps of well-known constellations, listen to myths that deal with the constellations, and make up a myth to go with the constellations they create source

Night Time - Young students evaluate bedtime fears and explore night lights, night skies, and nocturnal animals that live in the woods with this integrated instructional unit source

Planet Research Project Outline - Outline compiled for student use, includes three sections: Directions, report content requirements, oral presentation requirements plus evaluation component source

Solar Eclipse: Stories From the Path of Totality - The Exploratorium (San Francisco, CA) presents a rich site focusing on solar eclipses source

Space - Third graders practice writing skills as they study our solar system, its exploration, NASA Space Programs, and construct and launch a model rocket (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

Space Clip Art - Large collection of clip art relating to space. Subcategories include Apollo program, Galaxies and Stars, Gemini Program, Mercury Program, Planets, Shuttle and more source

Space Coloring Book - More that fifteen pictures to color with information about each developed for the elementary classroom. (Part of the Space Educators Handbook site) source

Space Day - Worldwide tribute to contributions of Space exploration promotes participation in many educational Space Day activities. Links to lesson plans, games and more source

Space Themed Crafts - Simple craft projects using a space theme for very young children (ages 2 to 5+) source

Space Unit: Exploring the Final Frontier - Collection of space-themed activities compiled by a kindergarten teacher for an integrated unit on space source

Space Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable wordsearch puzzle on the topic of space source

SpaceQuest - Middle school students try to determine if their is life in the universe by using the Internet to answer a series of questions source

SpaceQuest II - Middle school students use the Internet to research the history of space travel and create a space travel multimedia timeline with this webquest source

The Earth, Sun, and Moon - Young students learn how the earth, sun, and moon cause changes that affect them. Integrated unit includes several science activities-make craters, moon rock candy, book and source

The Earth, The Sun, and The Moon - Students learn how and why time is measured and gain a basic understanding of the interdependence of the Earth, Sun, and Moon with this integrated unit source

The Evening Sky Map - Printable monthly guide contains a detailed sky map, a short article on astronomy, and a descriptive list of the best objects for viewing from skymaps.com source

Threads of Inquiry: Observing the World Around Us - Series of ten hands-on, minds-on investigations focusing on the changing seasons. Links to introduction to inquiry in education and related resources (especially folklore) source

Using Binary to Send Messages into Space - Show students how messages are sent into space using radio telescopes by decoding messages written in binary code. Students then produce coded messages of their own source

What is in Outer Space? - Young students identify objects in outer space and differentiate between objects in our atmosphere and those in space with this lesson plan and worksheet source

Wonders of Space - Activities, lesson plans, art, projects, outlines, guides, quizes, puzzles and Internet links compiled to help teachers develop an Integrating Technology unit on space source

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