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Simple Organisms

Adventures in Microworld - Students visit Internet sites to gather information about illnesses caused by bacteria and viruses with this webquest. Links to teacher lesson plan source

Fun Facts About Fungi - An introduction to the Fungi Kingdom. Topics include facts, penicillian, traditional medicines, biodiversity, puffballs, endocarditis, mushrooms, lichens and source

Growing Microorganisms - Sixth graders grow bacteria and mold spores in agar cultures to discover the large number of microorganisms around us source

Life in a Mini World - Samples of pond water are observed by students as they classify microorganisms source

Microbes: Invisible Invaders, Amazing Allies - A well designed kid-friendly site with online quiz and classroom activities source

Microorganisms (Significance) - Students explain the growth, function, and significance of microorganisms in the environment after completing five activities source

Mold Terrarium - Youngsters observe tiny blue, green and white plants grow on different foods. Scroll to bottom of page for discussion questions and explanations source

This I Believe - Students read/discuss biographies of Anton Van Leeuwenhoek and Ignaz Semmelweis to illustrate the struggles of early scientists as they explored the world of microorganisms source

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