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Science, Math & Technology Got a question? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making science and math instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

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Caterpillar/Butterfly Unit - A collection of ideas/activities for a caterpillar/butterfly unit. This is a great unit to do in the spring or towards the end of the school year! source

Insects - I start the year with a big insect unit. We collect bugs, observe crickets I bring in, we read lots of insect books and make mini-books, we read Grouchy Ladybug and make...source

insects - I love teaching about insects!!! I always have my students do insect collections in shoe boxes with styrofoam at the bottom. I make their boxes. My bulletin board usually reads simply...source

Insects and Bugs - I teach first grade and we are not only wrapping up the end of the school year, but the end of our caterpillar / insect unit. We order caterpillars and raise them to the butterfly stage and then have a huge Butterfly Release Day complete with songs, poems and fingerplays...source

Insects and bugs - I did a unit with 3 to 5 year olds a few weeks ago. One thing we did was make a progressive book, adding a new line to each page and drawing the appropriate picture. Page 1: "An insect has 3 body parts." (draw a tri-sectioned bug) Page 2...source

A Ladybug Webquest - First graders learn about the unique characteristics of the ladybug with this webquest source

A Students Guide to Butterflies - Student/Teacher Guide designed to help teachers organize information for presentation. Modules introduce butterfly physiology and life cycle. Click on the Educational Resources link to reach the guide. source

Africanized Honey Bee Lessons - Collection of grade specific lesson plans, information sheets, and activities developed to familarize students with honey bees and bee safety source

All About Butterflies - On-line hypertext book about butterflies designed for young students. Includes butterfly puzzles, life cycle information, butterfly and moth printouts and more source

Amazing Arthropods - First graders investigate, explore, and analyze the world of arthopods, focusing on comparing insects and arachnids with this webquest source

Beautiful Butterflies Webquest - Second graders learn about the growth stages, body parts, habitat requirements, and food of butterflies with this webquest (note: some links are broken) source

Bees Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable wordsearch puzzle on the topic of bees source

BugBios - Site provides insect classifications, information, and images. Teacher page contains module on butterfly wing patterns source

Bugs Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable wordsearch puzzle on topic of bugs often seen around homes and schools source

Butterflies Activity - Printable cut and paste activity sheet teaches the stages in the life of a butterfly source

Butterflies in Education - Find out what types of butterfly-oriented projects are going on in classrooms all over North America. Students and teachers share ideas, projects, and experiences source

Butterfly Center Table of Contents - Activity sheets, project helpers, center hints, butterfly patterns and more source

Butterfly Coloring Book - Choose from several butterfly and moth pictures to print out and color source

Butterfly or Moth Project - Students investigate characteristics of butterflies and moths, look at examples of both, and create their own butterfly and moth with this technology integration project source

Carl Hayden Bee Research Center - Background information about bees and beekeeping. Video tour to a honey bee hive source

Childrens Butterfly Site - Butterfly photos. Blackline masters to print and color. Answers to frequently asked questions about butterflies. Links to other butterfly sites on the web source

Cricket Jumping Contest - Students measure how far different crickets can jump, record the lengths, and compare the results in a graph with this activity. Includes data collection worksheet source

Crickets in the Classroom - Guide sheet on care of crickets with suggestions for activities. Includes formula for using cricket chirps for measuring temperature in degrees Farenheit source

Do Crickets Get Thirsty? - Students use the scientific method as they carry out controlled experiment to answer the question, "Do Crickets Get Thirsty?" source

Dramatize Pollination - Activity not only teaches first graders about bees and pollination but also teaches math skills of counting by tens and models a double-check strategy for addition source

Entomology Index of Internet Resources: K-12 - A hotlist of insect-related websites recommended for K-12 educators. Click on source for many more resources source

Entomology Projects - Four Entomology Projects from the Entomological Society of America. Students can search for insects indoors, build an ant habitat, create a butterfly garden, and collect insects source

Insect Coloring Book - Choose from more than thirty insect pictures to print out and color to make an informational insect color book source

Insect Mini-Unit - (PRIMARY) An integrated unit on insects. Children hear stories about insects, paint insects, and learn about them in science source

Insects - Integrated thematic unit allows students to explore the world of insects to expand their knowledge of ants, bees, butterflies, caterpillars and ladybugs source

Insects - Multi-disciplinary unit contains 15 lessons and hands-on activities on topic of Insects. PDF document includes assessments/worksheets for ants, honeybees, butterflies source

Insects and Spiders Thematic Unit - Songs, poems, fingerplays, recipes, and craft ideas on the theme of insects and spiders source

Insects in New Zealand - Students in grades K-3 observe, ask questions, complete investigations, and write about their experiences with insects source

Insects Unit - Second grade students explore the relationship between honeybees and flowering plants source

Insectweb - Kindergarten students look at insects to find out how they look, what they eat, where they live, and point out special features observed with this webquest source

Just Winging It - Young students identify basic body parts of an insect and become familiar with the life-cycle of a butterfly with this webquest source

Meal Worm Care Sheet - Directions for care of meal worms in the classroom and description of what to expect as beetles appear. Includes suggestions for activities source

Monarch Butterflies Webquest - Students complete an Internet scavenger hunt to learn about the monarch butterlfy source

Monarchs in the Classroom - Twenty research project lessons and ideas using Monarch butterflies. View source for butterfly life cycle, larval montering project, research project and more source

The Bug Review - Learn about and identify more than twenty common household and garden pests. Aphids, Carpenter Ants, Eastern Tent Caterpillars, Centipedes, Slugs and source

The Earths Birthday Butterfly Activity Kit - Information, activities, lesson plans, worksheets, crafts and more on the topic of butterflies source

The Honey Files & Whats Buzzin - Teachers guides in Adobe Acrobat PDF format from Honey.com includes lessons on bees, pollination, honey production, and several activities source

The Insects Home Page - Adult resource about insects with links to insect anatomy, a glossary, classification, clubs, suppliers and spiders. Part of Gordons Entomological Home Page source

Using Insects in the Classroom - Teachers guide includes basic information about insects, tips on maintaining insects in the classroom, and several activities, experiments, and craft ideas source

Using Live Insects for Early Lessons in Life - Introduce health topics with this collection of twenty integrated lessons using live insects. Integrates health, science, math, language arts, and more source

WEBQUEST: Monarch Butterflies - Acqaint students with the life cycle, habits and migration patterns of the Monarch butterfly. They search for information on the Internet, take notes, organize source

Where Do Butterflies Come From? - (PRIMARY) Students make a butterfly puppet with simple materials. A toilet-paper tube serves as the chrysalis from which the butterfly emerges source

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