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A Thousand Friends of Frogs - Project connects students, educators, families, and scientists to the study of frogs and their habitats. Links to frog facts, art, writing, Educators guide, and more source

All About Turtles - Brief information about turtles. Hear from the snapping turtle about his own adventures in a Tale of Two Turtles source

Amphibian and Reptile Crafts - Templates and directions for making a paper mache alligator, a crocodile, a dinosaur, frogs, and a frog puppet source

Freaky Frogs Webquest - Students visit Internet sites to determine why many deformed frogs are appearing in different parts of the world source

Frog Watch - Primary students participate in language arts, math, science and research activities as they observe tadpoles turning into frogs source

Frogs and Toads - Students use online resources to determine the differences between frogs and toads (Demonstration Lesson) source

Reptiles and Amphibians - Integrated interdisciplinary,thematic unit helps students learn more about the distinct characteristics of reptiles and amphibians source

Reptitle Myths - Twenty common myths and misconceptions about reptiles source

Special Needs of Classroom Reptiles - Provides helpful advice for keeping a reptile in the classroom. Click on source for more useful information source

T is for Tadpole; F is for Frog - Multi-disciplinary unit encourages students from three different schools to cooperatively study the life cycle of frogs. Students release the frogs that survive source

The Whole Frog Project - Quicktime movie of a frogs anatomy in 3D and an online frog builder game source

Turtle Tales - (PRIMARY) A literature-based unit on turtles source

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