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safari theme - I am also doing a safari them and the outside of my door is going to have trees up to the ceiling with leaves coming down. I am making a huge safari jeep and putting my picture as the driver/guide. The bulletin board outside of my door is going to say ...source

safari theme - I didnt use a projector for any of it. I actually used clip art I found on the internet and by looking at the clipart, enlarged it by hand. I used 2 pieces of poster board for the giraffe. Top piece for the upper body and bottom piece for the lower.
For the tree: take a pieces of brown poster board and tape the ends together to make a cylinder. Attach a few of these together for as tall as you would like. I made huge green leaves and taped them all over the top piece. You can take clear fishing line and ...source

African Animals - Youngsters make a lion mask and learn a nursery rhyme after completing this webquest about lions and monkeys source

African Safari - Fourth graders write a report about giraffes after using the Internet to research this African animal source

Bat Quest: In Search of Stellaluna - Students identify characteristcs of bats, find similarities and differences, differentiate between fact and myths, and identify contributions bats make to their echosystem. Integrate life science, language arts, and technology source

Bats Webquest - Students use the Internet to complete a fact worksheet about bats and then write a poem and create a birthday card for Stellaluna source

Bears Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable wordsearch puzzle on the topic of bears for young children source

Cats! A to Z - An archive of cat facts and photos. Click on source for much more information source

Go on a Bat Quest - Students work with a partner to search the Internet to find out why bats should be considered an important animal and treated with respect source

Here Come the Bears - Students make bear masks, learn some facts about bear behavior and share with the class in this lesson source

Lincoln Park Zoo : Mammals - Data sheets on various mammals including photographs and basic information about each animal source

Mammals and Their Habitats - Young students explore mammals of different regions of the world with this integrated thematic unit source

Tiger Information Center - A rich collection of tiger facts, photographs, habitat maps, and teacher resources. Also online similation games. source

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