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animal reports - We do animal reports using colored index cards for our notes. I assign each color a topic for the report. Each notecard needs at least 3 facts on it green -- general information...source

Animal Units - I have been doing the animal units in my classroom for 10 year and have a wonderful unit. The first thing you do is have the students choose an animal to research. I have alway stuck with vertebrates as it was one of our standards, but it would work with invertebrates as well. Then I took a regular white piece of paper and ...source

animals unit - It is helpful to start putting together an animal photo file. I started mine many (many, many) years ago. Just cut out interesting or cute or unusual photos of animals from magazines and newspapers. Mount them on oaktag or construction paper and laminate them if you have access to a laminator. Ive used my file over and over in grades k through 6. In the younger grades we talk about what the animals eat, where they live, how they survive winter, how they care for their babies. In the older grades we...source

endangered animals - I did reports with my fifth grade class last year on endangered animals. The students had to find out where their animal lived, what their habitat was like, what their animal eats, how they gather their food, what ...source

African Safari Webquest - Third graders research African animals and prepare a class presentation with this webquest source

Animal Clip Art - Collection of over 4000 clip art images. Subcategories include birds, fish, insects, mammals, reptiles, amphibians, spiders and more source

Animal Coloring Pages - Four big animal coloring pages to print and color source

Animal Crafts - Use cotton balls, paper, paper bags, paper mache, paper plates, and toilet paper rolls to make farm animals, birds, Australian animals, Jungle and Rainforest animals, and source

Animal Print Outs - Informational coloring pages on 456 animals for elementary students source

Apple Snails - Learn how to keep Apple Snails alive and healthy with this guide. Guide links to behaviour, species, anatomy, FAQs, pictures and more source

At the Zoo Thematic Unit - Songs, poems, fingerplays, coloring pages, activities, recipes, art ideas, and books on the topic of zoo animals source

Barnyard Friends: A Primary Webquest - Young children find out about animals and people living on a farm. Links to teacher notes source

Cooperative Learning Lesson Plan: Animal Habitats - (INTERMEDIATE) An example of a technology integration lesson plan using cooperative learning groups source

Egg Carton Critters - Directions for making a spider, caterpillar, bat, and camel using egg cartons, pipe cleaners, corks, markers, tape, and source

FAQs about Snails - FAQs about the feeding and care of the Malaysian Trumpet Snail, Ramshorn Snail, Pond Snail, and Mystery Apple Snail. Suggests method to avoid unwanted snails source

How Do Animals Spend the Winter? - A short article describing the various ways animals survive the winter, especially hibernation source

Jungle Mobile - Templates of jungle animals (tiger, toucan, elephant, and panda)to print and color to make a mobile for your classroom source

Kiz Club Animal Crafts - Printable, color and cut-out activities for primary age students. Included are Insects Book, Farm Animals, and Life Cycle source

Krayfish Kids - Three day inquiry based, open-ended, hands-on, and student based lesson plan allows youngsters to use the scientific method to learn about crawfish. Includes game, worksheets source

SeaWorld/Busch Gardens: Animal Resources - Click on Animal Bytes for quick facts on terrestrial or aquatic animals. This site is loaded with interesting information and pictures source

The Art of Camouflage - Art project allows students to explore how animals use camouflauge for protection from predators source

The Brine Shrimp Project - Pairs of students design and conduct a laboratory investigation to determine how different factors may affect the hatching and development of brine shrimp eggs source

The Electronic Zoo - An extensive directory of animal websites. Browse by animal or search by keyword source

Where Do All the Animals Live? - First graders work in groups to research various animals and their habitats with this webquest source

Why are Polar Bears White - Children learn about camouflage as they study polar bears and their habitat with two easy to implement activities requiring toothpicks, white paper, glue source

Zoo Animal Poetry - Young students visit a zoo to observe characteristics and appearance of the animals and follow up by writing a poem with this AskERIC lesson source

Zoo In The Wild - An extensive collection of wildlife photography, especially African. Some of the text is in Italian source

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