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Animal Habitats - Here are some ideas for teaching animal habitats. source

Food Chain - Liven up your food chain lessons with some of these ideas. source

Ecosystems - Ideas for ecosystems and food chains source

Antarctica - Children work in groups to research the people, animals, birds, fish, and geography of the vast continent of Antarctica with this integrated unit source

Biome Investigation - Upper elementary students investigate the six biomes of the world using Internet resources and prepare presentations source

Biome Search - Students use the Internet to research plants and animals from three biomes source

Building Ecosystems - Students research, design and build an ecosystem that contains the necessary environmental factors to sustain life source

CREST (Coral Reef Education for Students and Teachers) - Manual provides teachers with instructions, information and activities on the ecology of coral reef ecosystems and related environmental education issues source

Dioramas - Shoe box dioramas (Wetlands, Desert, Forest) that students can print out,color and assemble source

ExploA-Pond Project - Collaborative project encourages students worldwide to study pond ecology and create a database of pond descriptions. Links to pond math and science lessons source

Getting to Know Your Local Watershed - Article answers questions about watersheds. What are watersheds? Why are they important? What features are found in a watershed? Click source for additional guides source

Lessons on the Lake - Educators Guide to the Pontchartrain Basin intended to educate grade 5 and above students about the environmental importance of the Lake Pontchartrain Basin source

Lets Visit the Tide Pools - Young students review and practice recognizing tide pool creatures, where tide pools are found, and which creatures live in different tide pool zones with this webquest source

On the Prairie - Students discover the plants and animals that compose the prairie ecosystem with online activities, field guide, and resourses source

Penguins, Seals, and Polar Bears, Oh My! - Familiarize young students with the Arctic and Antarctic regions. Integrated unit includes directions for making an iceburg, tundra, igloo, animals, snow house and more source

Urban Safari: A Walk on the Wild Side - Students examine their urban environment to recognize ecosystems found in the city. Additional activity examines water, air, weather, and geographical features source

Wild Arctic Activities - Web site with mazes, puzzles, games, and activities to help children learn about the arctic ecosystem source

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