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Science, Math & Technology Got a question? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making science and math instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

Food Chain - Liven up your food chain lessons with some of these ideas. source

Cells - Fun hands-on activities to use when teaching about plant and animal cells. source

Animal Tracks On-Line - Collection of lessons and activities from the National Wildlife Federation. Topics include air, habitat, wildlife and endangered species, people and the environment, and water source

AskERIC Lesson Plans: Biology - Several biology lesson plans written by teachers or student teachers for grades K-12 source

Bio-What?! - Students define biodiversity and brainstorm why our survival depends on its preservation source

Biology4Kids - Rich with basic information about cells and cellular parts, taxonomy and organic chemistry. Includes a glossary source

Cool Critter Calendar - Kindergarten children work in cooperative groups to demonstrate their knowledge of living and non-living things by making a classroom calendar source

Down on the Farm Coloring Book - Over twenty farm related characters to print and color. Includes few sentences of information on each from the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture source

From Egg to Chick - Suggestions, cautions, and activities to do with children when incubating chicken eggs in the classroom source

Hatching Eggs: A Step by Step Guide - Guide describes necessary steps for hatching fertilized eggs from setting up the incubator, care necessary during incubation period, and caring for and feeding the chicks source

Incubation and Embryology - Series of lesson plans, hands-on activities and experiments about eggs. Grade level range K-12 source

Journey North: A Global Study of Wildlife Migration - Science education program uses the Internet to track migration of several animals and signs of spring as it progresses across the Northern Hemisphere source

Leap into Spring Webquest - Students work in groups to complete a presentation after researching one of these topics: Spring Celebrations, Migration, Seeds and Plants, and Flowers and Gardens source

Living Things - A hands-on, inquiry-based unit of study from the Franklin Institute. Includes Internet resources and ideas for hands-on activities off the computer source

Paleontology Without Walls - The evolution of life is the subject of this colorful site. (advanced reading) source

Plant and Animal Characteristics - Young students investigate diverse characteristics of several plants and animals while observing, classifying, and experimenting to determine needs of plants and animals source

Plant and Animal Life Cycles - Young children use observation and identification of life cycle stages to observe similarities and differences in plants and animals source

Sea World/Busch Gardens Teachers Guides - Teachers Guides developed to help teach youngsters about how people interact with the environment and how to care for Earths resources source

Square of Life - Internet-based collaborative project allows grade 1-6 students to share information about the plants, animals, and non-living objects found in the schoolyard environmnt source

The Back Porch Activity Book - Learn about North Carolina commodies with puzzles, word searches, mazes and coloring pages presented by the North Carolina Dept. of Agriculture (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

The Yuckiest Site on The Internet - A child friendly site that explores bugs, worms, the human body and more source

Webbing the Food Chain - Young students make a visual representation of the food chain cycle with this technology integration lesson. Links to food chain review worksheet and source

Woodsys Home Page - Motivate children to form healthy, lasting relationships with nature using Woodsy the Owls coloring book and teachers guide source

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