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Science, Math & Technology Got a question? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making science and math instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

Science Fair Project Ideas - Teaching students the scientific process is an imortant part of the science curriculum. Whether or not your students will participate in a science fair, here are some great elementary science project ideas. source

judging science fairs - Criteria for science fairs varies, but usually youll be looking primarily for evidence that the student used the scientific method of inquiry to create their project. In other words, just making a solar car from a science kit or reporting on volcanoes isnt a science fair project (or shouldnt be). So, be sure to look for...source

CyberFair - A resource by and for elementary school children interested in science fair ideas, sample science fair projects, judges forms, and steps involved in doing a science fair source

Experimental Science Projects Guide - Guide presents basic information for doing a science project. Links to an example science project source

Field Journal Activity - Students choose a wild place to visit often and record what happens in a nature journal source

Fun Science Gallery - Several activities and experiments which could possibly be adapted for science fair projects. Build a lemon battery, microscope, herbarium, telescope and more (Adult resource) source

Magic School Bus Activity Lab - Engage students in hands-on learning with games, projects, experiments, and coloring book. Teacher feature connects lessons and worksheets to the television show source

Magic School Bus Science Fun Activities - Numerous hands-on activities to print and complete in the classroom. Activities compliment the television series but the episodes are not necessary to complete the activities source

Reekos Mad Scientist Lab - Science experiments(Floation, capillary action, air pressure, chemical reaction, light refraction and more), games, facts, glossary, puzzles, and scavenger hunt source

Scanning Electron Microscope - Click on Image Gallery to see highly magnified images of a mosquito head- the foot of a house fly and more. Other pages explain how the electron microscope works source

Science Buddies Lab Report Form - A lab report form for students to use to write about completed lab activities and/or experiments (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

Science Buddies Parent Letter - Letter requests partent participation in a monthly science program where the parent and child complete an activity at home and report the results back to class (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

Science Clip Art - Collection of science clip art images. Subcategories include Anatomy, Astronomy, Biology, Chemistry, Farms, Minerals, Shells, Volcanoes and source

Science Fair Central - Science Fair information for students, parents, and teachers from Discovery School. Find a student handbook, project ideas, links, tips for parents, ask an expert, and source

Science Fair Handbook - Online handbook about science fair participation adapted from a book written by Janice VanCleave entitled "A Guide to the Best Science Fair Projects" source

Science Fair Organizer - Information helps teachers organize a science fair. Topics: Why organize, parent letters, setting up committees, evaluation criteria, display checklist, and source

Science Fair Project on the Web - Topics include Steps of a Science Fair Project, the Scientific Method, Science Defined, and sample judging sheets. Links to project ideas source

Science Fair Projects - Information on how to start and complete a science fair project and write the research paper with resources, forms, FAQs, sample projects, and awards from Twin Groves School source

Science Fairs Homepage - Eastern Newfoundland Science Fairs Council homepage lists ideas for science fair projects at primary, elementary, and secondary levels source

Science for Fun - Science fair information, tips, resources and question archive provided by science book author Janice VanCleave source

Science Learning Network - Explore inquiry-based science by visiting museums on-line, networking with other science educators about topics such as National Public Science Day or checking out SLNs monthly "Ten Cool Sites" source

Step-by-Step Science Fair Success! - Middle school science fair guide includes topics of purposes, pre-planning, guidelines, student tasks, examples, assessment, and judging source

Steps of the Scientific Method - One page printable poster listing the seven steps of the scientific method with a short explanation of each step (In Adobe Acrobat PDF format) source

The Scientific Method - Fact sheet on the steps of the scientific method which is used to logically solve problems in many areas of life (Adult resource) source

You Can with Beakman & Jax - Simple science experiments to try, interactive demos, and answers to interesting science questions from Beakmans World (television program) source

Your Science Fair Project Resource Guide - The Internet Public Library provides Internet sites to lead students through the necessary steps to successfully complete a science fair project source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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