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Ordered Pairs - This is a collection of activities to use when teaching ordered pairs. source

Charming Graphs Bulletin Board -
My class completed this board in March as a conclusion to our study of graphs. To complete this project student pairs first prepared a question to ask a group of students. Then they thought of four answers the students might give. (For example, one pair of students decided to take a poll on favorite animals. Their answer choices were cat, dog, frog, and bird.) Students set up their information in a tally chart. I sent them to different classrooms throughout the school to complete their polls. When students returned they shared the data they had gathered and...source

graphing - I used a pocket chart for mine. I think it was a hundreds chart. I put it up on a bulletin board. I had a ready supply of colored construction papaer squares to fit the chart. Usin the book "Graph a Day" (I have the info at school and can get it next week.) I posted a new question daily and the kids posted their responses with the paper squares. They then had to construct the graph on paper and correctly label all the parts. They were to write 2-3 statements/questions about the info on the graph and we discussednit together as a class. If you have any questions or need moore info, just e-mail me.

Games on Graphs - Many games involoving graphs are used to convey a curiosity in math for children source

M&M Graphing and Probability - Students have a no-melt-in-your- hands-on experience collecting, sorting, analyzing, and interpreting data to produce simple pictographs or more advanced conclusions source

Make a Living Graph - (LESSON) Children line up in rows according to their favorite foods, etc. to produce living bar graphs source

Valentine Candy Count - Students discover what color Valentine Candy is found more often in a cup full of candy hearts; making predictions and graphing their findings source

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