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Puzzle Bulletin Board - Theres an old Mailbox Magazine article that shows how to make puzzle pieces to fit 4 X 4 bulletin board. You prepare the pieces cut from tagboard/poster board, give one piece to each student to colorfully personalize in some way that tells about them, put the pieces together on ...source

puzzle theme - Puzzle things out...thinking center
Put the puzzle together...math center
Puzzling things...science
Puzzling words...reading
Completing the puzzle...language arts
Puzzling people and places...social studies

Take file cards and cut them in half to look like puzzle pieces for different things in your centers. Take old puzzles and paint them and put...source

What Can We Do With Ten Black Dots? -
Following our reading of "Ten Black Dots", students were each given ten black circles cut from construction paper. They were instructed to reflect on the book and the different creations of dots to develop their own portrait. The students tapped into their creativity and came up with very clever and adorable portraits, including watermelon, a cookie, a police badge, people waiting for the bus (lower left hand corner), and an aerial view people swimmining in a pool...source

AIMS Puzzle Corner - A site with many mind-boggling and brain-teasing puzzles. Includes printable worksheets source

Clever Games For Clever People - (ENRICHMENT) Clever games designed to help build a better understanding of numbers source

Grade Five Problems - A collection of light-hearted, but puzzling math problems for intermediate students. Each problem includes clickable hints and answers source

Grade Six Problems - Forty-five word problems with clickable hints and answers. Many problems include diagrams source

Puzzle Library - Printable corssword and wordsearch puzzles about circles, integers, number theory, percents, polygons, and probablity. Computer-themed puzzles are aldo available here source

Puzzlemaker - Create your own printable "Number Blocks" or "Math Squares" puzzles. This site also includes printable mazes and word puzzles source

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