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Math :
Patterns & Relationships

Math, Science, & Technology Trying to create a meaningful math or science experience? Need a more effective teaching strategy? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making math and science instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

Symmetry - Here are some ideas for teaching symmetry. source

Flips, Slides, and Turns - This is a collection of engaging hands on activities for flips, sildes, and turns. source

Probability - A variety of engaging activities to use when teaching the concept of probability. source

Mean, Median, and Mode - A collection of activities to use when teaching Mean, Median, and Mode. source

Brain Teasers - Weekly brain teasers question (and last weeks answer) to stimulate creative problem solving source

Elementary Problem of The Week - For students in grades 3-6. Students who submit the correct answer will have their names listed on the web site. New problems are posted on Mondays source

Grade Five Word Problems - Forty-eight word problems that will enrich a young childs mind source

M&M Cookie Math - Each student munches their way through a M&M cookie while keeping a tally of the various colored M&Ms source

Magic Squares - Students learn about relationships through magic square number patterns. Investigations of magic squares throughout history include classroom activities with reproducibles source

MathStories.com - Over 2000 word problems for children sorted by grade level, topic and difficulty source

Monster Math - A lesson plan that uses monster mouths to teach the concept of greater than and less than source

Number Patterns - A collection of nine lesson ideas, some with printable pages, that guide students in learning about number patterns including Kaprekars Sequence, Pascals triangle, triangular numbers, square patterns, the Fibbonacci Sequence, and Digital Root Patterns source

Pattern and Picture Books - A list of activity ideas and book titles for teaching about patterns source

Pattern Play - A hands-on lesson that guides students in creating their own number patterns, and looking for something that does not belong in a pattern source

Patterns Here, There, and Everywhere - An instructional unit for teaching about patterns. Unit includes hands-on lesson plans, ideas across the curriculum, and a bibliography source

Probabilty - A lesson for teaching about the probabilty terms impossible, likely, unlikely, and certain source

Shake, Rattle, and Roll - A game for teaching probabilty using beans and juice boxes. This activity includes a printable graph source

Survey and Statistics Lesson Plan - A lesson for teaching mean, median, and mode. Students answer survey questions, and make calculations source

Tantalizing Tessellations - An instructional unit with reproducibles, lesson plans, and directions for creating tesselating pattens source

The Clock Game - A classroom activity idea for teaching about a Base 2, or binary number system. Students use a modified clock to add and subtract numbers in a binary system source

The Million $ Mission - Students explore patterns of exponential growth of money. Lesson includes charts, graphs, questions, and teachers notes source

The Most Colorful Math of All - Many activities involving the use of colors and maps designed to create interest in mathematics for children source

The Pattern Block: a game for 2 children - (PRIMARY) Children collect pattern blocks according to the online or printable game board then they make a pattern source

Uncovering Patterns in Number Sequences - A classroom activity with extension ideas for making generalizations about sets of numbers source

Usage and Interpretation of Graphs - In cooperative groups, students predict how many shoe eyelets are in the classroom source

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