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Geometry & Measurement

Math, Science, & Technology Trying to create a meaningful math or science experience? Need a more effective teaching strategy? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making math and science instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

ProTeacher Community Visit our growing community of elementary school teachers! Get involved today! Ask questions and share ideas with teachers nationwide. Over 30 active discussion boards. Newcomers always welcome! Free! source

Area and perimeter - These are activities to help teach the concept of area and perimeter. source

Geometry Activities - This is a collection of geometry activities that incorporate literature or hands on projects. source

geometry - We did lots of examples where the kids got to use markers, crayons, etc. to draw what I named. Ex. Use a purple marker to draw one horizontal line. Now use green to draw another line that is parallel to the first. Making it "fun" with color and action seemed to help. Also, I teach the hint that...source

Geometry Art - I had my 4th graders do art projects with the different angles and lines. I was really impressed how my "low" kids quickly jumped way ahead of their peers with the vocabulary. After one day of looking around the room and identifying various angles (each day we added another angle or two), I had them create...source

Lines and Angles - Use twizzlers licorice sticks to teach parallel and perpendicular lines. You can also use them to teach angles. Give some to the kids so they can form their own. Another idea which might be a little messy is...source

A Fractals Unit for Elementary and Middle School Students - An instructional units about the geometry of fractals. Pictures, information, and handouts are provided source

Angles - A clear introduction to the basic terminology of angles and a practice exercise using a compass source

Angles - Students practice using a protrcator to measure angles on this printable worksheet source

Circles Worksheet - A printable worksheet about circles. Questions include radius, diameter, and circumference source

Congruency - A worksheet that directs students to use a grid to draw congruent shapes source

Design and Math - Three lesson plans use real world examples to teach geometric concepts about angles, symmetry, and the quadratic formula source

Film Canister Kaleidescope - A lesson plan for teaching about geometric symmetry by creating a kaleidescope from recycled materials source

Geometric Coloring Sheet - A reproducible full of repeated, symmetrical patterns of triangles and squares source

Lines, Rays, and Angles - A printable geometry worksheet that asks students to identify pictures of lines, rays, and angles source

Numbered Pairs - A reproducible using a grid to identify numbered pairs in shapes source

On Reflection - A lesson idea with examples for using secret code messages to teach about reflection symmetry source

Pi Day Songs - Familiar tunes with math related lyrics to help you celebrate PI day (3/14) source

Pi Necklace - Directions for making a necklace to help celebrate Pi Day (3/14) source

Shapes, Lines, Angles, and Quilts - A lesson idea with directions and web links for teaching about the geometry of quiltmaking source

Tessellation Tutorials - Introduction your students to the concepts of tessellation and symmetry. Includes activity ideas using pattern blocks and/or computers source

The Pythagorean Puzzle - A lesson plan with reproducibles that guides students to prove the Pythagorean Theorum source

Which Pattern Block Picture is Mine? - A one week unit that integrates geometry and botony. Students create botanical pattern block designs source

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