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Math :
Whole Number Operations

Math, Science, & Technology Trying to create a meaningful math or science experience? Need a more effective teaching strategy? Join us to share ideas and strategies for making math and science instruction effective and meaningful for students. Classroom technology questions are also welcome! source

Place Value - Place value lessons can be boring, but here are some engaging activities your students will enjoy. source

Integers - Help kids understand integers source

100th Day of School Celebration - Collected Resourcessource

100th Day of School Celebration - Collected Resourcessource

estimation jar - Check your local dollar store for neat items to add to your estimation jar. Many of the items can be used again as manipulatives or in centers.

rainbow jems
black stones
very small rainbow craft sticks...source

estimation jar - I used an estimation jar every week last year. I started the year with big items like tennis balls and pairs of socks. As the year moved along the items got smaller. Some other ideas are ...source

Estimation jar - I used the estimation jar last year with students and I found it helpful if students filled the jar weekly. Every Friday, students would guess how many items were in the Estimation Jar. The student who came the closest won a prize (lollipop). Then I would them pick a popicle stick (out of a ...source

place value activities - Here is one way that worked for me. A whole week worths of activities were centered around the "place value mat." I used these activities with 2nd and 3rd graders in a multiage. The place value mat is from a book in the series "Developing Number Concepts" from Dale Seymour Publications. I think it is in Book 3. These are also good resources for primary teaching. You can make the "pv-mat" by...source

Things to estimate - clothespins
ketchup packets from McDonalds
matchbox cars
wads of paper
water balloons
milk bottle tops

Get students to collect/save some of...source

skip count song - Hi Niki,

I teach grade one, but I am sure this song will work for any grade. We sing:

skip count, skip count, count by 2's
skip count, skip count, count by 2's
skip count, skip count, count by 2's
we can count to 20 (and you could use any number here)

skip count, skip count, count by 5's
skip count, skip count, count by 5's
skip count, skip count, count by 5's
we can count to 50

skip count, skip count, count by 10's
skip count, skip count, count by 10's
skip count, skip count, count by 10's
we can count to 100

Naturally, I cannot tell you the tune. Use whatever tune you wish!!

Happy skip counting!!



A+ Math - Online java and nonjava games that allow students to proactice basic math skills in a fun way. In additon there is a worksheet generator and both online and printable flashcards source

Computation and Picture Books - A list of classroom activity ideas and read-aloud suggestions for teaching computation skills source

Counting Book - Students listen to Annos Counting Book (or another counting book). Then, they make their own counting books to reinforce basic counting and number concepts source

Counting Number Theme - A collection of games, songs, and art projects for early learners source

Egg-O - Directions for playing Egg-o, a hands-on game for practicing addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division source

Free Worksheets for Whole Number Arithmetic - Select criteria, then view and print math worksheets for teaching addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division source

How Many Seeds? - A lesson plan with reproducibles. Students show understanding of a numbers value by placing the correct amount of seeds on the corresponding number source

I am the Greatest! - A quick game to reinforce students understanding of place value using teacher-made number cards source

Ive Got Your Number - A game suitable for reviewing material covered in any subject. Students must pay close attention because theyre never sure when their answer will be called source

Mathematics Computation (practice Sheets) - Printable worksheets that are different every time you reload the page. Reinforce addition, subtraction, and multiplication of whole numbers source

Number Sets - A Sesame Street Guide to Learning and printable coloring pages about the numbers 1 to 10 source

Numbers You Can Count On - Students use clay to mold numbers with attached counting devices. This lesson is designed for primary or special needs students source

Order of Operations - Students learn the standard order of performing operations and how parentheses can be used to give different meanings to the same numerical and/or variable expression source

Peas and Particles (Estimation Activity) - A hands-on estimation activity with reproducibles. Students use counting methods to estimate source

Place Value - A reproducible place value chart from the ones to thr hundred millions source

Please Excuse My Dear Aunt Sally - A math mnemonic with a description of its meaning, to teach the order of operations source

Odd and Even Popcorn - A quick kinsethetic activity for practicing even and odd numbers. Directions include an adaptation for use with multiplication tables source

Reinforcement Lesson in Place Value - Play this simple classroom game to reinforce the concept of place value source

Roman Numerals and Dates - Teach your students to read and write dates in Roman numerals. Also, information on the history and use of Roman numerals to the present day source

Space Chase Place Value - A strategic game in which students capture creepy creatures while learning about place value. Directions and reproducible gameboard are included source

The 21 Game - Students try to be the one who says 21 in this classic classroom game source

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