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World War I

Art Imitates Life - Students study World War I era postcards, then create postcards that reflect their own lives source

Causes of World War I - A lesson plan in which students use an outline to compare how encyclopedias describe the causes of the Great War. Designed for middle school, but adaptable source

Doughboy vs. the Kaiser: The War to End All Wars - An instructional unit in PDF format. Students learn about World War I and its impact on modern society. Extensive printable resources are provided source

Establishing the Values of Society - Students use printable primary sourc documents to understand the value system of Australian soceity, and the impact of that value system on Australias involvement with World War I source

Europe 1914 - A printable blackline map depicting political boundaries in Europe at the brink of the Great War source

Eyewitness to History the Great War - An instructional unit in PDF format about World War I. Through six lesson plans and a culminating project, students learn about causes of the war, American involvement, propaganda, war bonds, and more. Extensive printable resources are provided source

EyeWitness: World War I - Here are interesting first-hand accounts to share with students including a narrative from a German U-boat captain describing his attack on a cargo ship. source

German Propaganda in World War I - A lesson plan using primary source analysis to guide students in understanding propaganda source

Lost Poets of the Great War - The poems of soldiers who fought in World War I source

Sergeant York: Hero of World War I - A printable coloring page of this Medal of Honor winner source

The Anzac Experience: Expressing Australias Battlefields Experiences in World War I - A lesson plan in PDF format. Students learn about Australias Anzac Day, and understand Australias contributions to the war effort source

The Christmas Truce - A printable story about peace on the battlefield during World War I source

Weapons of World War I - A printable chart about weapons used during the Great War source

What Qualities Does a Hero Have? - Students use an online source to study the biography of a World War I hero, then write an autobiography of their own lives source

World War I - Printable activities that ask students to examine primary source quotes and statistical data to understand World War I source

World War I Unit - Using primary sources, such as the Zimmerman telegraph, students learn about propaganda, the selective service, and patriotism during World War I. Lessons and documents are included source

Entry into World War I: A Documentary Chronology - In this EDSITEment curriculum unit, students reconsider the events leading to U.S. entry into World War I through the lens of archival documents. source

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