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Life in the Colonies

Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source

Colonial America - Here are some activities and ideas for teaching about Colonial America in your classroom. source

17th Century Music and Dance - A lesson plan describing the musical instruments, dances, and songs of the colonial era. Lesson provides song lyrics, dance steps, and web links source

Back in the Day: Lessons from Colonial Classrooms - A collection of online activity ideas for learning about colonial education. Students explore horn books, practice with antique spellers, make corn husk dolls, convert currency, and play games source

Colonial Arithmetic - Students solve colonial math problems by converting pound, pence, shillings, and farthings on this printable worksheet source

Colonial Games and Toys - A list of popular games and toys for colonial children, a printable Nine Mens Morrice game board, and nursery rhymes source

Colonial Kids - Information and projects for learning about Colonial life. Click on activities for recipes, crafts, games, and more source

Colonial Life Thematic Unit - A thematic unit full of web links, activity ideas, related literature, literature-based lessons, and recipes for teaching about colonial times source

How-to Posters - Students use writing and drawing skills to create a poster explaining how to do something useful during colonial times source

Just Imported from London - Lesson plans with printable activities. Students explore economic aspects of colonial life including employment, resources, and boycotts source

Life in Early America - Students explore the people, places, and events of life in the early settlements and colonies of the US source

Of Pen and Ink - Students learn about the writing tools used by the colonist before the invention of pens and pencils source

Sachets and Nosegays - Students learn about colonial history by making an herbal sachet. The lesson covers the reliance of colonists on herbs and flowers source

Schoolhouse History - A collection of lessons, activities, and related links for teaching about colonial schools. Students research the history of their own schools, learn about colonial school days, and colonial toys source

Welcome to America: Life in the Colonies - A collection of resources for teaching about Colonial America. Students explore the colonial school system, investigate an online mystery, and participate in Colonial Day activities source

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