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The Great Depression

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Great Depression Journals -
Students were discussing the Great Depression in Social Studies class. They chose pictures from the internet and became that person. They were also discussing the fifty states, so they were able to chose a person from the state they were researching on. They were able to locate the state on the map and place a string from the journal to the state. The journals were factual stories that supported their knowledge of the Great Depression...source

Camp Misty Mount: A Place for Regrowth - Through maps, readings, pictures, and classroom activities, students learn how Camp Misty Mount in Maryland was used as a conservation and jobs program during the Great Depression source

Dear Mrs. Roosevelt - Lesson plans about the thousands of letters Mrs. Roosevelt received from young people asking for help during the Depression. Students learn how to use primary source documents source

Exploring the Great Depression and the New Deal - A collection of project ideas for the New Deal era. Students record their own "fireside chats", newspaper front page, drama, and more. Designed for middle school but adaptable source

The Great Depression and the New Deal - Printable quotes and statistical charts that teach students about life during the depression source

Twelve Great Lessons for Teaching the Great Depression - A collection of web links and lesson ideas for teaching about the Great Depression in the United States and Canada source

Visions in the Dust - Students use printable primary source documents to learn about the Dust Bowl and the Great Depression source

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