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Measuring Time

Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source


A Living Timeline - Students research historical events and become part of a living timeline for a towns history. Adaptable for other topics source

A Matter of Time - Seven lessons and ten online interactive activities about using clocks and calendars to measure time in addition to understanding seasons. Lessons include complete plans and printable activity pages source

B.C. - A.D. Personal Timeline - Students understand the concept of BC and AD time by creating timelines of life before and after their births source

B.C. Timeline - A lesson plan for a hands-on activity demonstrating the concept of B.C. source

Calendars - Students learn about solar and lunar calendars, and compare Iroquios and Mayan calendars. Lesson plan also includes printable worksheets and answer key source

Calendars - Students examine the calendar systems used by the Japanese, Hebrew, Islamic, and Chinese cultures, and discover what exact day January 1, 2000 is on other calendars source

Centuries and Millennia Introduction - Historical information, questions, and project ideas for teaching the concept of centuries and millenia. Discover why no one was born from September 2 - 14, 1752 source

Chronology - A lesson plan in PDF format that guides students in understanding timelines by making a timeline of their own lives, then a timeline of a historical event source

Learn the Days of the Week - A printable worksheet about the days and their sequence source

Learn the Months of the Year - A printable worksheet about months and their sequence source

The Seven-Day Adventure - Children write and publish a storybook in which main events take place on consecutive days of the week source

Time - A list of fun activity ideas for learning about time source

Time Capsule - Directions and a printable pattern for making a personal time capsule with a coffee can. Activity is in PDF format source

Time in A Chain - Students increase their understanding of elapsed time by creating a time chain for an upcoming event source

Time Line Maker - An online timeline maker that can be used to make verticle or horizontal timelines of nine events or fewer source

Time Marches On And So Do We - An instructional unit about personal change over time, historical change, and time measurement through multicultural, high-interest art activities source

Time -- Then and Now - Students use research skills, and a hands-on activity to understand the concept of AD and BC source

Timelines: Timeless Teaching Tool - Interdisciplinary ideas for using timelines in th classroom with activity ideas and timeline links source

Weekly Reusable Calendar - A printable calendar for each weeks events source

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