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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source


Africa - Books - I have tons of book resources on Africa - Ifeoma Onyefulu has some fantastic photo books of Nigeria built around common primary themes -- A is for Africa (alphabet), Emekas Gift (Counting), Triangle for Andora (Shapes) and several others. Verna Aardema has retold many African Folktales - Why Mosquitos Buzz in Peoples Ears is a favorite of my daughters. Mojo Means One is a ...source

A Kenyan Safari - An instuctional unit that integrates geography and civics. Students learn about Kenya, explore human rights, and participate in a United Nations role play source

Africa - A blackline political map of Africa you can reproduce for your class to color and label source

Africa Map Worksheet - A printable worksheet with a map of blackline Africa and questions for students to answer source

AFRICA: One Continent. Many Worlds - Classroom ideas on the many diverse cultures of Africa. Maps; photos and activities source

Africa One Continent, Many Worlds - A collection of lessons with printable activities and answer keys for teaching about the geography, history, and cultures of the African continent source

Africa: People and Places - Lesson plans with vocabulary, questions and activity ideas about Africas geography, the people of the Nile, and the Serengeti. Designed for use with Discovery Channel programs, but adaptable source

Africa, Sierra Leone - View and read information about a Sande Society Mask. Scroll to the bottom and click on "Discussion/Activities" to access classroom ideas for teaching about womens roles in the Mende society source

Africa Unit Plan - A large collection of activity ideas, projects, and recipes for teaching about Africas animals and people source

African Clave Rhythms - A brief lesson that teaches students how African clave rhythms have become part of modern music source

African Maps - Blackline masters you can print. Maps depict each country in Africa source

African Resources on the Internet - A directory of African (and African American) resources on the internet source

African Savannah - Printable activity pages including research outlines, a map, games, coloring pages, and more source

Africans Songs, Chants, and Games - Several Zulu songs, action chants, and games to share with your students source

Algeria Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Destination Senegal - Lesson plans and printable activity sheets teach students about Senegals location, desertification problem, and people source

Egypt Map - A printable blackline map of Egypt source

Etosha - Africas Untamed Wildlife - Lesson plans about southern africas climate, wildlife, education, and more. Designed for use with PBS programming, but adaptable source

Explore Africa with Anansi! - Students can read the Legend of the Magic Calabash, make an anansi spider, and create a adinkra-styled cloth source

Exploring Africa - Five lesson plasn with classroom activity idea and printable worksheets to learn about Africas diversity source

Friends of the Desert - Students hold a conference to learn how cooperation among nations might help solve the problem of desertification in Africa. Lesson plan and handout are provided source

Good Luck Hand (Khamsa) Craft - Step by step directiosns for making a simulated traditional Moroccan craft source

How Frog Went to Heaven - A printable readers theater script based on an Ambundu folktale from Angola source

Index of Lessons on Africa - A collection of lessons about Africa. Topics encompass maps, climographs, African countries, masks, Adinkra cloth, artifacts, and cartography source

Kenya Flag - A printable blackline flag of Kenya to color source

Lesotho Study Guide - Six lessons about the country of Lesotho span several topics including education, villages, food, and geography. Printable worksheets are included source

Madagascar A World Apart - Students learn about mans effect on his environmment in Madagascar. Click on classroom resources for lesson plans source

Moroccos Flag - A printable activity page about the flag of Morocco source

Namib Africas Burning Shore - Information, related links, a trivia quiz, and teachers resources for teaching about Namib source

Namib Desert Living on the Edge - Students learn about life on the Skeleton Coast with a printable map, satellite photography, science experiments, and intercurricular activities source

New Country of the Democratic Republic of Congo is Formed - A printable article with maps, pictures, and discussion questions about this African nation. Available in Spanish source

Okavango: Africas Savage Oasis - From National Geographic, a website about Botswanas Okavango Delta. Find an online safari, and click on "Learn More" for lesson ideas source

Passport to Africa - An integrated unit based on the Core Knowledge sequence. Students learn about the ancient kingdoms of Africa. Printable maps, project guides, and activity pages are included source

Signs of the Times - Students use stamps to create simulated African adinkra cloth patterns of the Ashanti culture source

South Africa Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Spotlight on Parliament - Articles and classroom activities for teaching about South Africas government source

Teenage Problems: A Case Study from Lesotho - A lesson plan with a printable reading about the difficulty many African students face in obtaining and education source

The Achievements and Challenges of Zimbabwe - A thematic unit that explores Zimbabwe of the past and president. Students learn about the role of women, music, and religious beliefs source

The Calabash Kids - A printable readers theater script based on a Chagga folktale from Tanzania. Students learn about the inappropriateness of name-calling source

The Flag of Liberia - A blackline flag to print and color source

The Flag of South Africa - A blackline flag worksheet to print and color source

The Wonders of Africa - A multidisciplinary unit with lesson plans and PDF printabes about black kingdoms of the Nile, the Swahili coast, Ghana, the Holy Lands, Timbuktu, and lost cities of South Africa. Designed for secondary students, but adaptable source

West African Musical Instruments - Information about West African musical instruments including the cow bell, Kitiro, Djembe, Djun djun, and Shekere. Click on printable acrivity page for directions to make some instruments source

What is Currency? Lessons from Historic Africa - Students learn about bartering between the Akan and North African people, exploring the attributes of currency, and discover the purpose of Akan weights and measures. Printable worksheets in Spanish and English are provided source

Zimbabwe Flag - A blackline flag to print and color source

Zulu Shields - A lesson plan with illustrated directions and online slides for making a simulated Zulu warrior shield source

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