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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source

Classroom Money System - How to set up a classroom money system / classroom economy. source

Economics - Here are some ideas for teaching economics concepts to students. source

Classroom Economy - Ideas for Classroom Economy source

classroom economy - We created enough classroom jobs so everyone can have at least ONE job. For ease of payment all jobs have a salary of $10 per week. Our jobs are things like payroll clerk, banker, insurance agent, rent executive, janitor, teachers helper, messenger, botanist, zoologist, etc. If we have a larger class, we might have two or more of a position. You especially need several bankers and...source

classroom money - I have a "money" system similar to the bank system. I give students a medium size ziploc bag with their name on it at the beginning of the year. I have made and photocopied classroom money (in denominations of $10, $20, $50, $100). Students earn money when...source

economics - Lead off with a very basic discussion of supply and demand. Then have each child take out one item from their desk. It could be a pencil, eraser, ruler, textbook... whatever. Then give each child a sticky note and have them write a price on it for their item. Then have the students walk around a view the objects for sale. You could make up...source

A Penny Saved - A literature-based lesson plan that encourages children to save and set consumer goals. Printable passbook records are included source

Affluenza Teachers Guide - Students learn about the dangers of overconsumption through integrated lesson plans source

An Entreduction - A lesson plan that teachers about entrepreneurship, invention, and innovation through real world examples source

BaaBaa Black Sheep. Have You Any Goods? - Students learn about goods and services after reading Sheep in a Jeep source

Banks - A printable wordsearch puzzle about banking source

Checks - Printable blackline "play" checks for students to learn about personal finance source

EconEdLink - Economic lesson materials for K-12 teachers and their students. Over 472 lessons to choose from. source

Cool Bank - An online resource for students with offline lesson plans and worksheets about business, banking, and commerce. Students learn to differentiate between goods and services, save money, and make choices source

Dont Fence Me Out - A lesson plan about trade barriers. Students learn about free trade, tarriffs, quotas, export subsidies, and product standards source

EcEd Web - Economics curriculum materials and lessons for K-12 educators source

Economic Resources Collage - An activity idea that teaches about natural, capital, and human resources source

Economics and Geography Lessons - Use childrens literature to teach economics and geography concepts. Here are 32 childrens books with accompanying activity ideas source

Economics Lessons - A large collection of challenging lessons and simulations about economic concepts including fiscal policy, demand, trade, markets, opportunity cost, scarcity, and more source

Entrepreneurs in the Classroom - A collection of activity ideas and lesson plans about entrepreneurship. Links to entrepreneural and economic websites are also provided source

Entrepreneurship Education Classroom Activities - Project ideas, lesson plans, and transparency masters for teaching about becoming an entrepreneur. Students learn to plan for the future and explore the business world. Some links are not yet operational source

Frontier Specialist - A lesson plan with several activities for teaching students about specialization, absolute advantage, comparative advantage, and trade source

Goat in the Rug - Using the story "The Goat in the Rug" introduce your students to the economic concept of resources and how they are used by producers to make goods. Printable activity sheet. Also practice sequencing skills and retelling source

How Financial Markets Work - A lesson plan with a printable scenario and worksheet teaching about how stock is bought and sold source

I Have No Money, Do You Take Wampum - A lesson plan about bartering, currency, and the inter-relatedness of goods, services, and money source

If you Give a Mouse a Cookie - Teach your students that people have unlimited wants for goods and services using this childrens book source

Introduction to International Trade - Lesson plans by grade level in PDF format about why and how nations trade source

M & M Interesting - A lesson plan with printable activity pages. Students learn about interest rates and opportunity cost source

Old Business, New Business - A lesson plan about goods, services, and the interdependence between producers and consumers. Provides several online and offline activities source

Paraffin-alia - Students learn about scarcity and opportunity cost as they relate to crayon production source

Places and Production - A lesson plan that teaches students to calculate gross domestic product and create a choropleth map of South America. Printable activity pages are included source

Poverty Curriculum - Students learn about the cuases and effects of poverty by exploring scarcity of food, health care, housing, education, and opportunity source

Practical Money Skills - An instructional unit with lesson palsn and printable activity pages for every grade level. Students learn about earning money, spending responsibly, investing. budgeting, and more. This website is also in Spanish source

Stock Market Concentration Game - A printable game in PDF format. Students match stock market terms to definitions source

The Doughnuts - Use the story "The Doughnuts" from the book, Homer Price to teach your students about capital resources, productivity, and supply and demand source

The Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago Information for Educators - A large collection of lesson plans with printable PDF student booklets about international trade, interest, government debt, exchange rates, and the history of money. Scroll down further for other education resources source

The Opportunity Cost of A Lifetime - A lesson plan that teaches students opportunity costs, scarcity, choice, and decision making through real life examples source

The Real McCoy - A lesson plan integrating language arts and economics. Students learn about productivity and patents by reading a picture book about Elijah McCoy source

The Story of Jack and The Bank Stalk - A lesson plan that connects the Jack and the Beanstalk fairy tale to economics by teaching about the functions of money and banks source

The World on A String - A lesson using geography to illustrate the economic interdependence of countries source

Two American Entreprenuers: Madam C.J. Walker and J.C. Penny - A lesson plan with maps, readings, pictures, and advertisements about these to entreprenuers of early 20th century Indianapolis source

We Need It! We Want It! We Got It! - Students learn to make informed economic decisions through literature and hands-on activities. Unit includes sample parent letter, student worksheets, and assessment rubric source

Who am I? - Students learn how goods are produced and consumed by playing charades. A printable follow-up worksheet is provided source

Why Nations Trade - Students learn about opportunity cost, absolute advantage, competative advantage, and specialized terms through this lesson plan about internation trade. A teachers guide and student worksheets are provided. Designed for secondary students but adaptabl source

KidsEcon Books - Posters and books for introducing students to economics source

Resources: Indiana Council for Economic Education - Classroom resources from the Indiana Council for Economic Education source

National Council on Economic Education (NCEE) - Nationwide network promoting economic literacy with students and their teachers; lessons and resources for teaching economics source

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