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Government in America

3 Branches of Government Activities - These are activities that you can use to reinforce the concept of the 3 Branches of Government. source

Constitution Day - Activities for Constitution Day, September 17th! source

Elections - Here are some activities to teach students about elections. source

branches of government - I teach fifth grade. How about considering having your kids role play the three branches of government? Assign one-third of each group of your class to a branch of government. (A good math idea, also.) Have them decide how many of your students would be in a branch of government if they divided the class into thirds...source

the "tree" branches of government - I divided my class into 3 gropus and assigned each group a branch of government. They were to go through the text and pull out all the important information for their branch. (They had to have at least 5 key facts and had to answer questions I gave them.) Then they wrote...source

America, the Beautiful - Printable lyrics and fingerplay directions for the complete anthem source

Americas Freedom Documents - Ten lesson plans about the Declaration of Independence, the Constution of the United States, the the Constitutions Bill of Rights source

Bens Guide to the U.S. Government - Information about the United States government. Click on a grade level for online reading and printable activities relating to presidents and the constitution source

Budget Making - Students learn about goods and services provided by local, state, and federal government and the money that pays for these resources source

Congress Link Lesson Plans - Instructional units and lesson plans prepared for teachers using CongressLink online resources. Lessons are geared to secondary students but adaptable. Lessons cover checks and balances, the Constitutional Convention, the Compromise of 1850 congressiona source

Court Coloring Book - A simple coloring book to teach students about the judicial branch. Designed by the Connecticut courts, but appropriate for all students source

Cradle Civics Lessons - A collection of lesson plans about law, criminal justice, government, human rights, the executive branch, lawmaking, and more source

Federal System - A printable instructional chart that shows the powers of the federal government and the state government source

I Have/ Who Has Vocabulary Practice - Printable cards for playing a game to learn government terms source

Law Day Planning Guide - Lesson plans by grade level to teach students about how law tries to ensure fairness, and equal protection. Law Day is celebrated on May 1st source

Law Related Education Lesson Plans - Lessons plans about various aspects of law in PDF format. Topics include the Constitution, consequences for breaking the law, and decision making source

State & Local Governments on the Net - A frequently updated directory of links to government sponsored and controlled web sites. Browse by state source

The Branches of Government - Printable worksheets about the three part governmnet system of the United States. Students read information, and complete written activities source

The U.S. Capitol: The Home of Congress - Two lessons about the Capitol Building. Lessons include project ideas, and online references source

Uncle Sam - Historical information, a printable pattern, and directions for making an Uncle Sam craft with a cardboard tube source

What is a Republican Government? - A lesson with informational text and questions that helps students understand why the founding fathers chose a republican form of government source

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