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Social Studies :

Teaching Grades 4-6 Join us for a friendly exchange of ideas! Teachers in grades 4-6 are encouraged to listen in and get involved! Meet fellow teachers from across the country in our five intermediate and middle grade forums! Free! source

Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source


Patriotic Theme - I actually have a patriotic theme in my room right now! Our theme for our summer school session is heroes, so I used red, white and blue to decorate my room.

*PATRIOTIC FABRIC: Use fabric for bulletin board backgrounds. I found lots of inexpensive...source

A Class Citizenship Tree for Elementary Students - A lesson plan for citizenship. Grade 2 to 5 source

A Dictionary of Independence - A lesson plan for a project relating history and citizenship. Students create a dictionary of citizenship terms using examples from their state or U.S. history source

Center for Civic Education - Student pages and a teachers guide about the responsibilities that go along with the rights Americans enjoy source

Character Counts! - Information about the Character Counts program and workshops. Click on Resources and guides for free sample classroom activities, a parenting guide, a childrens booklist and more source

Cruel Schools - Students work cooperatively to understand school violence and plan solutions source

Learning Adventures in Citizenship - A collection of lesson plans for teaching about community citizenship. Designed for use with or without PBS programming source

Property: Ownership, Respect, and Responsibilty - Through a story and questionnaire, students learn about property rights, and respect for the property of others source

Teaching Citizenships Five Themes - Activity ideas for the five themes of citizenship: honesty, compassion, respect, responsibility, and courage source

The Peaceful Classroom - Over a dozen character education activities ready to go for young learners source

The Pledge of Allegiance - A lesson plan that helps students understand the meaning of the Pledge of Allegiance through critical thinking source

The ProTeacher Collection - Tens of thousands of teaching ideas and advice from experienced teachers across the United States and around the world. A FREE service brought to you by members of the ProTeacher Community.

ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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