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Fifty States

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Fifty States - A collection of ideas for teaching about the 50 United States and capitals source

Regions of United States - Our 4th grade curriculum includes Regions of the United States. It can be boring but with the help of PT, it can be an enjoyable year of social studies! source

50 Nifty United States - I have never forgotten the lyrics and people are always amazed that I know all 50 states in alphabetical order, but it was all because of this song...source

bingo - I used states and capitals BINGO and blank USA maps to help mine remember. They love playing BINGO. The first time we played I pulled down my large US map and gave them 20 seconds to answer...source

brochure - What we did was tri-fold the paper so it looked more brochure-like, and then on the front we drew/copied a map of Oregon. Then wrote the name...source

learning the states - Last year I taught my students the states by giving them a blank map everyday for about 3 weeks. They had 5 minutes to fill in as many states as they could and by the end of the 3 weeks...source

Postcard Exchange Across The USA -
This bulletin board was initially made in preparation for our postcard exchange program my class participated in. I had found the postcard exchange participants through the ProTeacher Busyboard. My students each made two postcards and we sent out one to each of the fifty states. Then, we waited anxiously for our postcards from the other states to come to us. When receiving the postcards...source

States - My second graders really eat up the states. There is a book called Kate on the Coast that we start out unit out with.. There are also several other books about regions by same author. Check out the library..they should have a copy. Also in discount stores there are...source

states and capitals - My kids loved learning states and capitals last year. I started with a poster set I found at a school supply store - one poster for each student. They had to label the states and capitals and we would discuss different things about them - current events, history,etc. Then I had a card game to match the states and capitals...source

states and capitals - I love using centers in my classroom of 4th grade as well. I always include the USA states and capitals in my centers. I made concentration cards by writing the names of every capital and state on index cards...source

Teaching U.S. States and Capitals - I taught the U.S. states and capitals in centers. What I did was divide the country into 4 basic regions (Northeast, Southeast, Midwest, and Westcoast). I then took the map and made an overhead of it. I then blew up each region on my overhead and traced poster sized copies of each region. With these copies I made puzzles to help the kids learn. These were the basis of my centers. The centers went like this...source

50 States and Capitals - Fact filled web site on the 50 states. View the state flag and find out facts and information on each state source

Americas Story: Explore the States - Click on the map to access information about each of the fifty states and the nations capital source

Color Landform Atlas of the United States - Political and topographic maps, satellite images, a 1895 map, and a printable map for each state source

Find Your State in the USA Printout - A printable worksheet that asks students to read and follow directions on a blackline US map. Students locate and label the state in which they live source

From These Beginnings - Students prepare a bulletin board showing the changing identity of their state before and after statehood source

Guam Map - A printable, blackline map of Guam source

Hooray For Our State - A reproducible worksheet. Students create symbols for their state, then explain why it is a good symbol source

Knowing Where You Are - Students research place names in their state and analyze origins of these names through this cooperative activity source

Made in the USA - Students map products made in the United States, and learn about regional interdependence. Assessment rubric provided source

Mid-Atlantic States Map Quiz - A printable worksheet about the Mid-Atlantic region. Students answer questions about a map of New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey, Delaware, and Washington D.C. source

Middle West Region of the United States - A printable wordsearch puzzle about the midwestern states source

Midwest Region - A printable blackline map of the Midwest Region of the United States source

Mini Study of a State - A lesson plan in which the students use research skills to compare their state with another state source

My State Report - A collection of blackline masters to print for your students. Students plan a research project and use these printables for organizing, notetaking, and presenting their state reports source

New England Map Quiz - A printable blackline map with questions about the New England region including Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New, Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont source

Pacific West Region - A printable blackline map of the Pacific West states including Alaska and Hawaii source

"Play Doh" Map of Your State - Working in cooperative groups, students construct maps of their state using homemade "play doh" brought from home source

Postcards from America - Receive an electronic postcard Monday through Friday. Each week, a different state is featured. Click on "Just for Teachers" for activity ideas source

Rocky Mountain Map Quiz - A printable blackline map of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Nevada, Utah, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Students use the map to answer questions source

Songs of the States - Printable lyrics and midi sound files of each states song source

Southeast Region of the United States - A printable wordsearch puzzle that asks students to find the names of hidden southeastern state capitols, then name the state in which the city is located source

Southwest Region of the United States - A printable wordsearch puzzle that asks students to locate the names of the southwestern states and capitols, rivers, and major landforms source

State Brochure - A printable template for making a state brochure. This template could be adapted for making a country brochure source

State Information Sheet - A printable worksheet for students to use when researching a state source

State & Local Governments on the Net - A frequently updated directory of links to government sponsored and controlled web sites. Browse by state source

State Mottos - A lesson plan that guides students in using research skills to find information about state mottos. Includes a printable list of mottos source

State Names Word Search - A printable wordsearch puzzle of the fifty states source

States and Capitals - A printable worksheet that asks students to find the capital city to go with each state. Designed for Internet research, but adaptable source

The Great Lakes Map Quiz - Students use a blackline map of the Great Lakes region to answer questions about Michigan, Wisconsin, New York, and the surrounding area source

The Midwest - Students learn about the Midwest region learning about manufacturing automobiles,exploring lakeside environments, and planning a fair source

The Midwest and Great Plains States Map Quiz - A printable map worksheet with questions about the Midwest and Great Plains regions source

The South - Two lesson plans about water, literature connection ideas, a printable project organizer, and links to sites on the web about the Southern region of the United States source

The United States of America - A printable word search puzzle. Students locate the names of the fifty states source

The West - By writing a guidebook, creating a hall of fame, and researching about farmers, students learn about the Western region of the United States source

U.S. County Outline Maps - Printable blackline maps produced by the U.S. Census Bureau. You will find a map for each of the fifty states and the District of Columbia source

U. S. States Wordsearch Puzzle - A printable puzzle with each of the fifty states source

Unscramble the State Capitals - A printable word puzzle of the states and their capitals source

USA Worksheets - Printable research worksheets for the United States of America and each individual state source

West US Region - A printable blackline map of the Western region of the United States including Montana, Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, California and Arizona source

What State am I? - A printable worksheet that gives students clues to help them name the state source

What State am I in? - A printable riddle worksheet that gives students clues to identify a state source

Printable United States Map - Simple blackline map of the United States (Adobe pdf format) source

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