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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source


Flat Stanley - its based on the book. You send off flat stanleys to schools or addresses around the US. They stay for a visit and return with a journal explaining the events of the stay-- the neat part is, these host states can include information, brochures, pictures...source

map of a "new" State - I saw a cute idea for a BB for social studies on maps. They create a map of a new state. They draw an outline for it, decide on its name, decide which landforms and bodies of water they want the state to have. Give them each a creative name (echo valley, etc...), design at least 10 different symbols to use in a key for their map. Have 3 of these symbols each represent a different natural resource. The other symbols can...source

Continents and Oceans - A printable word search puzzle of the continents and oceans names source

Creating a Travel Brochure - Students create a travel brochure for visiting China. Includes a printable outine to help students plan their project. Easily adaptable for any country or state source

Five Times Five: Five Activities for Teaching Geographys Five Themes - A collection of geography activities including designing a country, saying hello in other languages, and performing weather reports for cities around the world source

Geography Awareness Week Curriculum Guide - A PDF format unit with a week of lessons about rivers. Designed for Florida students, but adaptable source

Geography Web Sites - Links to information on geography for grades K - 5 source

Geography World - A directory of geography-related websites from high school teacher Brad Bowerman including physical geography and culture from around the world source

GeoPictionary - Directions for a pictionary type game with geographic places and terms to draw and identify source

Helping Your Child Learn Geography - A guide for parents and teachers to help children learn the five themes of geography source

Map Puzzles - Free downloadable software helps students learn countries and capitals. Choose from puzzles about Europe, Africa, the Middle East, Austronesia, Central America, South America, the United States, and the Continents source

National Geographic: Geography Education - The Classroom Ideas section includes a few geography-related lesson ideas and handouts. Click on source to view National Geographic home page source

National Geographic K-4 Lessons and Activities - Standards based classroom lesson ideas for teaching about geography. Lessons involve describing a setting, using observation skills, community services, and geographic story maps source

Nystrom Intermediate Lesson Plans - Students learn to use an atlas, read a compass, understand latitude and longitude, trace a historic voyage, and follow the probable route of the first people to inhabit the Americas source

Nystrom Primary Lesson Plans - Students learn to distinguish countries from continents, locate states on a map, plan a trip, and name the continents source

Ocean Postcards - A lesson plan for a creative research report in which students create a postcard that describes one of the worlds bodies of water. A postcard diagram, table of water bodies, and extension activity are provided source

Oceans All Over - A lesson plan for teaching students the locations and names of the worlds oceans source

Our World - My Own Island - How are They Connected - A complete instructional unit with printable activities and assessment rubrics. Students participate in a simulation activity by designing an island, and learn basic geography skills source

Paper Model of A Globe - A printable globe for your students to cut and assemble. The globe includes unlabled lines of longitude and latitude source

Sort This - Students sort countries into northern and southern hemsipheres. Printable activity sheets are provided source

The Geographic Doctor Seuss - Students learn the meaning of the word "region" by reading Yertle the Turtle source

Travel Brochure - Students create an itinerary and brochure of five different countries. A checklist for the project and related web links are provided source

Who Sliced this Pie - A lesson plan for a simulation activity that teaches students about the distribution of the Earths resources and population source

World - A blackline political map of the world. Reproducible for your class to color and label source

World Almanac: A Tool for Building Study Skills - Print this scavenger hunt of fifteen questions for your students to use with an almanac source

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