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Industrial Revolution

Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source

Assembly Line/Henry Ford - These are fun activities that can simulate Henry Ford's assembly line. source

Bostons Arnold Arboretum: A Place for Study and Recreation - Students learn how imigration and the Industrial Revolution influenced the development of parks in the ninetenth century. Primary source dosuments are provided source

Building Americas Industrial Revolution: The Boot Cotton Mills - A lesson plan that uses maps, primary source readings, and pictures to teach about the Industrial Revolution theough the cotton mills of Lowell, Massachusetts source

Daily Life in the Poor Industrial Cities - Students analyze an account of tenement life during the Industrial Revolution in the United States. A printable worksheet is provided source

Early Industrialization - An interdisciplinary unit with lessons and activities for teaching about the industrial revolution and the textile industry. Topics covered are the cotton gin, factories, and labor systems. Designed for secondary students but adaptable source

Early Industrialization - An instructional unit about the textile industry during the industrial revolution. Students learn about mechines, factories, and labor through readings and activities source

Early Industrialization - A printable worksheet that uses primary sources to illustrate conditions and issues surrounding workers source

Eli Whitneys Patent for the Cotton Gin - Students use primary source documents to evaluate, take a stand, and defend economic rights during the Industrial Revolution source

EyeWitness: Early Adventures With The Automobile - First-hand turn-of-the-century accounts of the automobile source

Necessity is the Mother of Invention - An instructional unit in PDF format. Students learn about the impact of the Industrial Revolution on the world. Several printable activities and resources are provided source

Old Sturbridge Village - Through lesson plans and printable primary source documents, students learn about farming, mill working and the Industrial Revolution source

Photographs of Lewis Hine: Documentation of Child Labor - Students learn about child labor in the United States during the Industrial Revolution through brainstorming, analyzing, writing, and discussing source

Protecting and Providing - Students research organizations formed to help society during the Industrial Revolution in the United States source

Responses to Industrialism - Printabel worksheets that use quotes and statistics to teach students about the Industrial Revolution and unions source

Run for Your Lives! The Johnstown Flood of 1889 - A complete lesson plan that helps students use maps, readings, and photographs to understand the disaster in Pennsylvania during the Industrial Revolution, then reasearch a disaster in their own areas source

Stand Up and Sing - Students learn about the Industrial Revolution and the Reform Movement in the United States by evaluating primary sources sheet music. This lesson is designed for secondary students, but is adaptable for upper elementary source

Sweatin Through the Industrial Revolution - An integrated thematic unit that teaches students about the changes that occured during the Industrial Revolution. Printable activity pages are provided source

The Allegheny Portage Railroad: Developing Transportation Technology - A lesson plan that uses printable primary source documents to teach students about the development of the Allegheny Portage railroad in Pennsylvania, then explore their own communities transportation history source

The Growth of Industry - Printable puzzles and graphs to challenge your students in their study of the Industrial Revolution source

The History Place: Child Labor in America - The striking photographs of Lewis W. Hine (1874-1940) tell the story of child labor in America source

The Rise of Industry - A student project sheet about creating an invention to improve life in the twentieth century. Designed for middle school, but adaptable source

Unit: Industrial Revolution - Students participate in high-interest activities to learn about inventions, the workplace, business, labor, and production during the Industrial Revolution source

Vanderbilt Mansion: Monument to the Guilded Age - Students learn about industrial and economic growth before government regulation through primary source maps, readings, and pictures source

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