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America 1900 - From PBS American Experience, information about life in the early twentieth century. The site provides maps, timelines, downloadable family tree software, and a teachers guide source

American Reform - An integrated curriculum unit using the Core Knowledge Sequence to teach about the Progressive Era, Muckrakers, Populism, Womens Suffrage, and Civil Rights during the turn of the century. Printable activity pages and background notes are provided source

Childhood in Early Nineteenth Century America - Through printable primary source documents, students learn about the lives of children in the early 1800s. Descriptions of childrens games are also provided source

Controversies of the Vietnam War - Students learn about perspectives of the Vietnam War by analyzing the lyrics of "Blowin in the Wind" by Bob Dylan. Printable lyrics are provided source

Crossroads Elementary Curriculum - A curriculum unit with lesson plans for K-5 students. Lessons explore United States history from early America to the present source

French and Indian War - A printable article, cloze worksheet, and answer key about the French-Indian War source

French Indian War - A printable map of important events of the French Indian War source

Glen Echo Park: Center for Education and Recreation - A lesson plan with a map, primary source readings, pictures and classroom activities about Marylands Glenn Echo park and its significance to the Progressive Movement in America source

Historical Text Archive: History of United States - Primary source documents and related articles organized by historical period (advanced reading) source

Library of Congress: American Memory - Documents- photographs- movies- and sound recordings that tell Americas story. Resources for Educators source

Living Vietnam Memorials - Students explore first hand accounts of the Vietnam war to better understand this event in American history source

Patriotism - A collection of activity ideas for teaching about patriotism. Students make patriotic floats, measure the Statue of Liberty, design a class flag, and more source

Statue of Liberty - A printable worksheet with information, a picture, and a chart of dimensions source

The Liberty Bell: From Obscurity to Icon - A lesson plan with maps, readings, pictures, and activities about the Liberty Bell, and its evolution into a patriotic symbol source

The Northeast - A bibliography of related literature, two complete lessons, a printable project organizer, and web links about the Northeast region of the United States source

The Spark That Started Our Countrys Road to Independence - A PDF format instructional unit about the French-Indian War. Through nine lessons, students learn about the Seven Years War, the Battle of Quebec, the Treaty of Paris, and more source

The War in Vietnam: A Story in Photographs - Students analyze photographs from the Vietnam War to understand the United States foreign policy and its consequences source

Traveling in Early America - Primary and secondary source documents for teaching about nineteenth century transportation. Scroll to the bottom for lesson plans integrating social studies, geography, art, and math source

U.S. History and Childrens Literature - This page details resources and childrens literature to help the instructor integrate social studies with the language arts. Includes links to discussion starters, research starters, and activities source

U.S. Time Zones - A printable worksheet with a map to label and questions to answer source

United States Flag - A reproducible blackline American flag to print and color source

US Patriotic Crafts and Activities - Printable craft ideas with templates. Students make a flag, pinwheel, windsock, and more source

USA Activities for Kids - Printable activities to bolster patriotism during Americas war on terrorism. Find firefighter coloring pages, printable flags, and more source

USA Flag Print-out - A blackline flag to print and color source

Who are Arab Americans? - A lesson plan with a printable worksheet that helps students overcome prejudice and dispells stereotypes source

You Cant Have Our Money, King George - A webquest with printable activities that can be completed offline if needed. This unit about the French Indian War integrates the study of Walter Edmonds novel, The Matchlock Gun source

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