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Social Studies Do you love teaching social studies? Got a question? Heres the place. Join us to make social studies a fun, meaningful experience for students! source


Making A Difference -
This bulletin board title stayed up for two months in my classroom. Along with the usual study of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln in February, my third grade students researched people who made a difference. Some examples, as you can see here, were Columbus, Betsy Ross, Neil Armstrong, George Washington, and Michael Jordan. Students wrote a report, made a puppet, and gave a presentation. We learned a lot about individuals from all walks of life in a few weeks. The final products were...source

Dining With Historical Figures - A printable worksheet in PDF format that asks students to select 6 guest, and to prepare questions for them source

Famous Person - Who am I? - A class game for reviewing historical personality. Students wear secret identity cards and ask questions to discover their identities source

Heroes Hall of Fame - A lesson plan with a printable worksheet about identifying and describing a heros positive attributes source

Historical Figure Day - Information and ideas for having a Historical Figure Day at your school source

I Was the First To Conquer Everest - From Scholastic, a photo history, interview, trek map, facts, and teachers guide for teaching about Sir Edmund Hillarys trek up Mt. Everest source

The Great Chief Marshall - This lesson plan uses printable maps, readings, and photographs, to teach students about Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, John Marshall, then investigate historical figures of their own communities source

United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees - Instructional units with lesson plans and printable activities for teaching about refugees through art, history, geography, civics, and language source

Wonder Woman - A printable worksheet with ideas to spark writing about heroes and heroines source

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