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Drama Club - Heres some things you might think about: Parent permission slips with emergency contact information, and specifying whether or not the child will be picked up or walk home after meetings. Behavior agreement that both the child and parent sign (two strikes and youre out). A regular meeting routine...source

drama ideas - Give each child a simple phrase, easy to memorize. Example: "Anthony, come here." or "Open the door." Each student then has to say their line in three or four differernt tones of voice to convey different meanings. Improvisation: Pretend you have a box of shoes (or use an actual shoe box). Take imaginary shoes out and make a big deal about putting them on (a ballerina will lace up to her knees, a fireman will pull on high boots, etc.). Then, silently, act out the character (dance, put out fires climbing ladders, etc.) Have the other kids guess the character.

Another improv...source

drama ideas - I teach 4th grade drama to my class. I am no expert but I highly enjoy teaching it, and I will pass on a few of my ideas that you could use for a starter. Three resources I use a lot: Dramathemes by Larry Swartz...source

Bad Wolf Press - Musical plays for children designed for school use. Each includes teachers guide. Audio samples of each show and ordering information. source

Childrens Theatre Resource Webpage - A short listing of links to Childrens Theatre resources on the web source

Childrens Theatre Plays - Many different stories for children plays/school plays. source

Creative Drama & Theatre Education Resource Site - Classroom ideas for drama and also added with creative classroom ideas. It also has play performance and some theatre games (activities) that are interesting. source

Creative Dramatics Workshop - A collection of activities for introducing kids to creative drama and acting. Sample workshop outlines and exercises source

Drama Teachers Resource Room - A website for grade 4-12 drama teachers with lesson plans, backstage activities, and production support source

Drama Workshop: Ideas For Teaching Drama - A collection of thematic teaching ideas: animals, Christmas, communication, machines, space, story work, the sea, and others source

Dramania! - This sites provide you information on fun activities for kids that are absolutely free!!! Activities ideas can be for one person, two or lots of peoples. source

Fingerplays - "Five little ducks went out to play..." A collection of fingerplays for young children (or maybe older children to teach younger children) source

Introduction To Directing - Eleven lessons for teaching students the fundamentals of directing for theatre by creating a short scene (advanced) source

Kids 4 Broadway - Age appropriate plays for children age 7-17 available by order. A few free warm-up exercises are posted on the site source

KMR Scripts - Plays and musicals for young audiences. Music samples from each show and ordering information, auditioning tips, and more source

Paper Mache Puppets - How to make paper mache puppets for a play or just for the fun of it source

School Show Page Downloads (UK) - Includes technical guides on various aspects of show production for free download (advanced) source

Scripts For Schools - Free sample scripts, online teachers guides for implementing readers theatre, and choral speaking in the classroom. source

The Power of Masks - A sample lesson for introducing students to the art of masks, and mask making source

The Puppetry Home Page - Links to a wide variety of puppetry-related information, news, web sites and resources source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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