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Arts & Crafts Share ideas for arts & crafts projects for the classroom. Join us! source


Artwork Inspired by the Masters -
My third graders read a book on Vincent vanGogh and studied the way his pictures had movement in them. We looked at the paintings "Starry Night " and "Starry Night over the Rhone" by van Gogh. The students were then instructed to design their own starry nights and to show movement in their skies. We used a crayon resist method (coloring dark and then water colors over the top). When designing the board I put a quote from vanGogh and some pictures of the artists over his lifetime. Copies of the paintings...source

Art Around the World - In this activity, students will explore the art styles of different cultures by researching and then creating a museum exhibit source

Art History Resources on the Web - An extensive directory of web sites spanning centuries of art history source

Art Hotlist - Links to art museums and online galleries and exhibits source

Art Safari - At this site, students look at paintings and sculptures, and using observational skills describe what they see. Students can submit stories and artwork source

Artcyclopedia - Search for art and artists online at museum sites and image archives around the world source

Claude Monet - Several examples of paintings by Claude Monet source

Inside Art - Excellant web site on art. Includes interactive game online. source

National Gallery of Art - Teaching resources by mail loaned free of charge from the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. source

The 24 Hour Museum - A gateway to UK museums and their collections source

Web Gallery of Art - Thousands of paintings and sculptures dating from 1200 to 1700 source

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