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Arts & Crafts Share ideas for arts & crafts projects for the classroom. Join us! source


Crayola Art Education - A guide to the many uses of Crayola Crayons in classroom activities source

Crayons and Computers - A few sample activities from the book Crayons and Computers including a lesson on still life source

Disaster Shapes - (PRIMARY) Because natural disasters occur in distinct shapes, the activity designed allows children to get a closer look by making mobiles source

Elmers Fun Projects - Cut and paste art projects from Elmers using -what else- glue! source

Paper Marbling - Detailed instructions for paper marbling using a commercial product called Marble Thix source

Pet Schedule - (PRIMARY) Children draw and describe their pets at different times of the day source

Silly Creatures - (PRIMARY) For creative minds, this activity asks children to draw pictures of animals and to mix up body parts source

Sunset Silhouette (primary colours) - Students learn how to mix primary colors to make secondary colors by painting sunsets in this activity source

The Case of Grandpas Painting - Play a detective game while learning about art history. Teacher resources included source

Under the Sea - Children create an undersea environment in the classroom while researching interesting facts about their favorite sea creatures source

What Are You Doing Here? - (PRIMARY) A creative activity in which children draw pictures of different environments with different animals source

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