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Readers Theatre

Reader's Theater - Ideas for using Reader's Theater in the classroom source

Reader's Theater II - The methods teachers use to implement Reader's Theater vary. Here is a collection of ideas used by some teachers. source

Readers Theater - Heres the way Ive done readers theater. I have several books with biographical, historical, etc. scripts. I assign roles, and allow students to get together to rehearse reading their parts. They read their part and follow along while others read their parts many times as they...source

Readers Theatre - Readers Theatre is a dramatic enactment of text. Children can even write their own script from a story. Some Robert Munsch books such as "The Paper Bag Princess" and "Pigs" work well. Students read from scripts after they have practiced pacing...source

Aaron Shepards Readers Theatre Page - Resources for readers theatre including the multicultural script series "Readers Theatre Editions" source

An Example of Script Formatting - This example shows you how to write scripts in the proper form source

"Cap o Rushes" Lesson Plan - This site will link you to the readers theatre version of this fairy tale. source

StoryCart - Readers theatre scripts for sale source

Readers Theatre Scripts - A collection of readers theater scripts in pdf format. source

Readers Theatre Scripts - Scripts and lessons plans that you can use in your class. The lesson plans contain detailed information and provide you with supporting activities source

Readers Theatre Using an Indonesian Folktale - A short script set in Indonesia. Helps introduce students to the animals that live there. Lists prop suggestions source

Readers Theatre - This teachers guide will give you basic information on how to start your first theatre performance source

Readers Theatre Evaluation - Sample assessment form that you can use or modify for your own classroom source

Scripting for Readers Theatre - Outline of what to think about and look for when writing a script source

Speaking - A collection of oral reading and speaking activities. source

The Crazy Critters - Free classroom script that you may copy and distribute in your classroom source

The Grasshopper and the Ants - This free script is designed for younger students and contains a great deal of choral reading source

The Legend of Lightning Larry - This is a short story in script form that gives students a chance to participate in a readers theatre production. Students can work on sight words, expression, and pronunciation source

Tips on Reading - Helpful hints to use with your students so that they can make the most out of readers theatre source

Tips on Scripting - Aaron Shepard helps you learn how to take your favorite story and turn it into an outstanding readers theatre script source

Tips on Staging - Leanr about the props and equipment you will need in readers theatre source

What is Readers Theatre? - A simple outline of what readers theatre looks like and the role the students play in it source

ZOOMplayhouse - Short plays that might be used to get young children comfortable with Readers Theatre source

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