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Idioms - Here are some lesson plans to teach idioms and some great books to help in the process! source

Vocabulary Lesson Ideas - Are you looking for ways to liven up your vocabulary lessons? Try out some of these fun and engaging ways to introduce new vocabulary words. source

Prefixes and Suffixes - I have a stack of prefix cards and suffix cards on the table with a group of 3 or four students. One card is turned over and they start the timer for 2 minutes. They have to write every word they can think of with that prefix or suffix...source

Word Study Notebooks - I use a marble covered notebook for Word Study. The first 13 pages we make an individual dictionary, a letter of the alphabet on the front and back (xyz on one page).
The last 5 pages I use for individual spelling lists which the children study and work with each week. I only use a 10 word list so the students put 4 lists on a page.
The middle of the notebook is for vocabulary words. Sometimes we work on Greek and Latin roots. Sometimes we have content vocabulary and sometimes we work with 5 new interesting verbs, nouns, etc.
Essentially the middle of the notebook is...source

Einstein Club - Help motivate students to leanr vocabulary words in the various content areas source

Synonyms and Antonyms - Worksheets that help students understand these concepts as well as a great review game can be found here source

The Ten Best Vocabulary Learning Tips - Ten tips that you can adapt for use in your classroom source

Vocabulary Games - Two great games to either teach new words or reinforce old ones source

Vocabulary - Unfolding Meaning - Help students become more efficient at processing definitions and being able to explain them in their own words source

Vocabulary Words - Lesson plans to help your students leanr their weekly vocabulary words in a variety of ways source

Where do We Come From? - Students will develop research and critical thinking skills as they examine words and their origins source

Word Central - Check out the Daily Buzzword to help introduce your students to fabulous new words source

Word of The Day - Ideas and suggestions for using a word of the day strategy in teaching vocabulary source

Word of the Day - Each day a new word is presented to students in a sentence. They can select the definition and click on it to receive feedback source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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