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Reading Skills

Cause and Effect Map - This can be a difficult concept. The map provided here gives students a concrete way to look at cause and effect source

Character Map - Print this out for your students to use after they have studied a character source

Character, Setting, Plot, and Skits - Students create and perform their own stories based on these literary elements source

Descriptive Character Analysis - Help students understand the main characters in their readings better with this activity that incorporates drawing and writing source

Follow the Character - After students have read a novel or a story, they can complete this web to help them understand the different aspects of it source

Home Reading Log - A printable blackline master you can print for students to take home source

Identifying Conflicts - A very good way to start off teaching your students about two types of conflicts found in novels. Provides examples you can use with your class source

Inferring Character Traits - Making inferrences can be a difficult skill to tackle. This lesson provides students with a concrete way to make inferences and has them turn it into a poem source

K-W-L-H Technique - You are probably familiar with the KWL technique in reading. This site takes it one step further source

KWHL Chart - Sample chart that you can print and use along with a brief explanation source

Main Ideas and Supporting Details - Provides steps students can use to help identify the main idea and its supporting details when reading a nonfiction piece of writing source

Model Lesson Plan - Help students learn how to use good reading strategies such as making predictions, clarifing, and visualizing source

Nonfiction KWL Chart - This is your standard KWL chart. It has a place on it to put an accelerated reader score if you wish to source

Organization of a Newspaper and the Parts of a News Article - Students learn about the newspaper as they practice summarizing fairy tales source

Point of View in Literature - Lesson ideas for using a novel to teach point of view source

Prefix-Suffix Concentration - Students will learn their prefixes and suffixes fast with the help of this easy to make concentration game source

Prefix-Suffix Rummy - Designed for older students this game follows the rules of rummy but helps student to learn their prefixes and suffixes source

Propaganda Techniques - Students will be able to identify five types of propaganda as well as create their own commercials using these features source

Sequencing Map - Use this chart with students to complete a sequencing activity source

Sequencing Monster - Fun activity to get your students thinking creatively while practicing sequencing skills source

Stop Press! Newspaper Headlines - Students will be expected to read a newspaper article with the title removed and write an appropriate one for it source

Student Reading Log - Can be used in several ways. Incorporate this into your AR program if you desire source

Symbolic Borders - Great idea for ESL or any student who may have trouble expressing themselves verbally. Use this idea in reading to test specific skills source

Television: Reading TV Schedules - A great outline of activities that you can do with your class. Provides two great examples source

Train Your Brain To Read Bookmark - This bookmark lists strategies for students to use while they are reading source

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