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Book Board Trying to prep for all those reading groups? Join us as we exchange teaching ideas, discussion questions, and related activities for the books we use! Post a book title you need ideas for! source

Primary Grades K-3 Join us to share teaching ideas! Ask questions, help others when you can. Discover the fun and rewards of visiting with fellow teachers from across the country! Newcomers welcome! Free! source


Where the Wild Things Are - Study characters, conflict, and setting with this famous story source

Where the Wild Things Are - Take this book to a whole new level with these lessons. Students will learn basic story elements, practice visualizing, and get a chance to do some descriptive writing source

Whingdingdilly, The - Write friendly letters and compare and contrast farm animals to jungle animals source

Why Mosquitoes Buzz in Peoples Ears (Teacher View) - Lessons concentrate on onomatopoeia, cause and effect, and even writing their own story to explain why something happens source

Winter Day, A (TeacherView) - Students can make their own book and act out the story. There is also an idea for an independent center source

Wolfs Chicken Stew, The - by Keiko Kasza. A short review of the book along with several classroom activities for celebrating the 100th day of school source

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