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The Sign of the Beaver - The Dell-Yearling Paperback version of the book has 25 chapters and is 135 pages long. When doing ³Wholebook Literature² in my classroom, I prefer to read the book aloud to the class and then discuss it. The children are given time to read individually, but the entire book is read out loud. Below are eight activities that I have developed to go along with the book...source

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes - Contains links you can use with your students to build historical background knowledge. Also has some discussions questions and activities to do after reading source

Sadako and the Thousand Paper Cranes (Teacher Cyberguide) - This site has an outline of activities that, if followed, can last for fifteen days. Students will be able to use this novel to examine issues that surround war source

Sarah, Plain and Tall - These lessons focus on the economic and geographic aspects of the novel. Includes a list of questions to use for comparing and contrasting different ideas source

Sarah, Plain and Tall - Students can access the internet to gain information in completing these lessons which focus on writing both a poem and a persuasive essay source

Sarah, Plain and Tall - Contains questions for each chapter as well as a list of vocabulary words and extra activities source

Shiloh - Collected Resources source

Sign of the Beaver - Complete unit that covers a variety of subject areas source

Sign of the Beaver - Use this book to learn about setting and conflict and resolution source

Sign of the Beaver, The (Teacher Cyberguide) - These lessons that focus on colonial America will have your students writing research reports and comparing different ways of life source

Sign of the Chrysanthemum (Teacher Cyberguide) - Compliment your classes study on Japan with this novel. Students will create a map of Japan and write haikus source

Sign of the Chrysanthemum, The (Teacher Cyberguide) - This book can compliment a unit on Japan. Students will write haikus, create a map of Japan, and study point of view source

Sounder / African-American Literature - More than just a guide to the novel, this site also contains lists of books you can use for studying African-American literature. The lessons for sounder give list vocabulary words an have questions and activities you can use source

Stone Fox - Students produce a pamphlet complied of research they have done along with making a presentation to the class source

Summer of My German Soldier Study Guide - Broken apart by chapters, this study guide lists vocabulary words, comprehension questions, and story stretchers source

Summer Song - Students will explore the main character in this book and examine critical family issues. Lesson plans expand this book throughout the curriculum source

Tales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (TeacherView) - Includes an activity for students to design and market their own product much like Peters father did in the book source

Teaching Unit for Treasure Island, A - Designed for sixth graders, click on the links to find activities for vocabulary, examine a map of the island, and play a game based on island geography source

Thunder Rolling in the Mountains - Gives tips for beginning the unit as well as lessons for writing and books to use to help students further understand Native American culture source

Treasure Island - Design the Jolly Roger and research pirates in this unit source

True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, The - Wonderful activities give you ideas to help students explore gender roles in the work force as they relate to both their lives and this book source

Tuck Everlasting - Collected Resources source

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