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Teaching Grades 4-6 Join us for a friendly exchange of ideas! Teachers in grades 4-6 are encouraged to listen in and get involved! Meet fellow teachers from across the country in our five intermediate and middle grade forums! Free! source

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Beyond Number the Stars - Read poetry written by holocaust victims, explore the laws the Jewish citiziens were forced to live by, and learn Jewish history source

Man Who Tricked A Ghost, A (TeacherView) - Compare this story to other ghost stories. Create story maps, examine characters, and discuss conflict/resolution source

Maniac Magee - Activities that go along with various chapters. Activities include making a venn diagram source

Maniac Magee - Students can explore racism and the truth behind what happens when people spread rumors. Also contains an interesting activity on having a talk show related to the book source

Midwifes Apprentice, The - These lesson ideas can take your students to a higher level of thinking. They can explore historical aspects of the novel as well as gender issues source

Morning Girl (Teacher Cyberguide) - Students will use the internet to learn about archaeology and the culture represented in this novel. They have the opportunity to email a research scientist source

Mr. Poppers Penguins - Students can use the suggested links to learn more about penguins. In addition, the lessons provided include separating fact from fiction and writing an editorial source

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH - These activites do well for making reading-writing connections within the novel. Other suggestions include holding a debate source

Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH - Focuses on ideas for doing research and on persuasive writing. Contains links students can use to conduct their research source

Mufaros Beautiful Daughters (Score) - An African cinderella fable, students can use these lessons here to compare this fable to another one. They can use the suggested links to explore aspects of Africa source

My Brother Sam is Dead (Teacher Cyberguide) - Focuses on activities you can do that are related to the American Revolution. Includes ideas for writing a research report and valuable web links source

My Great Aunt Arizona - Students can write descriptions regarding what they read. Other activities include writing a friendly letter and making a fact chart source

My Side of the Mountain - Contains outdoor activites that go along with the novel as well as ideas for keeping a log source

Mysteries of Harris Burdick, The - Writing lesson abound with this book! Gives suggestions on how students from other grades can work together source

Night of the Twisters - The primary purpose of these activities is to enhance students knowledge regarding tornados and other natural disasters source

Number The Stars - Contains many different discussion topics, questions, and activities related to the novel source

Number The Stars - Great ideas on how to introduce vocabulary. This site also includes lesson ideas for research and writing projects source

The Holocaust and Number the Stars - Internet activities to help your students understand this important historical period source

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