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Parent Involvement

getting parents to cooperate - One way I get the parents cooperation is just to make sure I am very respectful and say positive things about their child. These are things you should do for any parent, but especially...source

language translator for letters home - I used a translation page on the internet. It translated my letters home for parents that spoke Spanish. It would keep those parents informed better about our week. Im not sure of the site now but Im sure you could find it. Make sure you find one that is free and doesnt charge a fee. Im sure that these sites will also translate letters in other languages you need as well. I would also suggest maybe sending out something to the...source

newsletters - I have done both. I have done hand drawn weekly newsletters ( We created them on a blown up sheet of paper, the children handwrote the daily news and the weather, my asst. took the big sheet Fridays after the children finished and pulled it down on the copy machine, to fit regular copy paper and printed off enough for each child to have one. We posted the larger sheet in a...source

pre-school home visits - I do home visits as a regular part of our school year, visiting each home 3 or 4 times a year. At first I am nervous, but with each visit it becomes easier & easier.
What if you gave each family a form to fill out with questions like: What family information would help me to understand your child this year? What are your hopes/dreams/goals for your child...now? This school year? In the future? What does your child need to help him/her succeed in school this year? All children have gifts. What are your ...source

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Box Tops For Education - Information about this fundraising promotion from General Mills source

Campbells Labels for Education - A fundraising program from Campbells Soup. Students collect Campbells soup labels, which are later exchanged for educational merchandise for the school source

First Day Foundation - Offers information and support for developing "First Day of School Holiday" programs to promote increased parental involvement in schools source

GreatSchools.net - A unique online guide to public elementary, middle and high schools in the Bay Area of California designed for parents and other concerned citizens source

School Notes - This free (registration required) service allows teachers to post notes on the web for families to access from home. Another avenue for home-school communication source

Tips for Parents: School Relationships - Advice for parents on how to get positively involved in their childs school including questions to ask at a parent-teacher conference source

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