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Special Needs

Special Education A board for teachers of special education and special needs students! source

Fear & Loathing in Special Education The world of special education with a smidgen of weirdness, random thoughts and insight. [BLOG] source

Inclusion - Check out these posts about inclusion in the regular education classroom. Different from 'mainstreaming' inclusion usually involves the special education teacher co teaching with the regular education teacher. source

Autism - This collection contains information from teachers regarding students with autism and strategies to help them in the classroom. source

Differentiated Instruction - At the primary level, we have reading groups in which the students are broken down into reading levels and we teach each group the skills that they are ready for. I do a similar thing in math, in which I teach most new concepts in a center situation wherein I only have 5 students at my table (the rest are doing other activities). This way, I am able to...source

how much time in special education - How much time a child spends in special education is dependent on how much time a child needs special help to be successful in meeting the annual goals and objectives determined by the IEP team and is written into the IEP. When considering time, the team must also consider...source

meeting the needs of all students - This is now pretty typical of most classrooms which is why its a popular question in interviews. I think often administrators are looking for someone who they feel will at least try to meet all the needs reasonably within a classroom.

So for many lessons it would be simply
- planning a lesson that is geared more for that middle group
- modified the lesson and expectations for the lower group so that they can also have success with the lesson
- adding an extra activity or...source

student with special needs - I am not a special ed teacher, but I do have a special ed child. He going in 5th grade.

I removed him from our parish school because his special needs were not be addressed or accomdiated. I transfered him to the Parish school I teach at.

Here are a few of the things he WONDERFUL teacher did for him last year.

Becasue writting is difficult for him and a HUGE bone of contention for him. When she required only what was really necessary. For example...source

Working With Struggling Students - Ill admit this is the group I find the most frustrating, but then again when they do catch on the most rewarding.

I do think you have to reduce some of the workload and expectations for this group. For earlier grades such as K to 2, I feel it is important to at least have them learn as much of the basics as possible and for some it means they will need more than one year in that grade level.

For grades 3 upwards sometimes its reducing the number of questions or the type of work. I knew one student who could ...source

A-Z to Deafblindness - Links to resources for deaf, blind, and deafblind people by James Gallagher who is deafblind himself (UK) source

LINC - A short listing of websites relating to technology access for people with disabilities source

Mayer-Johnson, Inc. - Products for special needs and education source

National Council for Children and Youth with Disabilities - A clearing house of information on rights, educational issues and resources to support children with disabilities source

Teaching Strategies for Inclusion - A perspective on what teaching inclusion students entails as well as specific support for teachers and students source

Teaching Students with Behaviorial and Learning Disabilities - Strategies, information and advice for those who teach students with special challenges. source

The Benefits of an Inclusive Education: Making It Work - This site talks about the benefits of inclusive education for children with special needs source

The Disorganized Student - Almost every class has one, here is information a teacher needs to help thse disorganized student get back on track source

Tourette Syndrome TS+ - Information, resources and support (even a humor section) for those dealing with Tourette Syndrome. There are also sections for Obessive Compulsive Disorder, Attention Deficit Disorder and Autism source

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