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Class Meetings - What I have done for the past 2 years in class meetings is this:
we move to the front of the room (where the largest area is) and I teach them at the start of the year how fast and how I want them to move to the meeting. They sit in # order (abc order, they do almost everthing in this order so its quick and easy) and have only 30 seconds to get to the front and be ready for the meeting to begin. If they take longer than 30 seconds we...source

morning meeting - the best part is Hopper a stuffed frog. Hopper hops each day from child to child. The rule is only the person holding Hopper can speak. I start the topic of discussion......source

Circle Time: Some Basics - A discussion of the skills needed for children to participate in effective "circle time." Ideas for the meetings are discussed source

Class Meeting Samples - Lesson sample to use in setting up classroom meetings. Included are using agendas, problem solving, and encouraging participation source

Commonly Asked Questions - Have a question about running class meetings? This page will answer many questions and concerns as you begin to implement this practice source

I Care Class Meeting - Here is a step by step list to help implement a class meeting. This meeting is for problem solving source

Morning Meeting - Here is a list of activities that one teacher uses for morning meetings. Each activitie is described and a sample is given source

Morning Meetings - From White River school comes a description (with pictures) of the daily k-2 morning meeting source

Reach for the Stars Conducting Classroom Meetings - This page explains the "Significant Seven" skills needed for successful class meetings source

What Teachers Say About Class Meetings - Teachers share experiences, ideas and anecdotes about class meetings in their own classrooms. These will provide information and inspiration to teachers wishing to set up their own class meetings source

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