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Classroom Management :

Classroom Jobs - Ideas for student jobs (classroom helpers) source

Classroom Library Organization - Organizing a classroom library can be a daunting task. Here's a collection of tips/suggestions to help get your classroom books organized. source

Tables or Desks in your classroom - Many of us have the question for whether tables or desks are better in our space. The opinions of our colleagues who have chosen one or the other and the lessons they've learned are important for us to add to our schema when making this choice! source

Classroom Money System - How to set up a classroom money system / classroom economy. source

Organization for Teachers - Messy filling cabinet? Always losing papers and books? Here are some ideas from organized PTers! source

Classroom Newsletters - Whether it's monthly or weekly, classroom newsletters are a great way to strengthen parent/teacher communication. Here's a collection of ideas to use when creating your own classroom newsletter with several templates to use as a guide. source

Open House - Here are some suggestions for ideas for Open House. source

Classroom Computer - Tips for managing classroom computer use. Finding and structuring time for students' use of classroom computers. source

Make Up Work - Schools all have different policies regarding absences and make up work, however procedures can be implemented in our classrooms in various ways. Here are some tips from teachers on implementing make-up work procedures for your classroom. source

Homework or No Homework - First, check your districts policy about homework. Then, check out what other teachers suggest. Tips include how much homework to give and when to give it. source

Rain Gutter Bookshelves - Rain gutters make WONDERFUL shelves to display books on. Here's a collection of ideas about installing rain gutters in your own classroom. source

Scheduling Classroom Computer Time - Scheduling time for students to use the computer can be almost impossible. Here are some ideas from teachers who have made it work. source

Lunch Count - Lunch count can be quite time consuming each morning. For teachers who are responsible for taking care of their own lunch count, here's some management ideas and suggestions. source

Homework - Weekly Homework Packet - Thinking about going to weekly homework instead of nightly? Here are some ideas from other teachers who use it that may help you! source

Homeworkopoly Tips - Looking for a new way to get your students motivated to complete homework assignments? Try "Homeworkopoly". Here are ideas about how to implement the game in your classroom, suggestions for rewards and more. source

Classroom Library Organization - Libraries, libraries, and more libraries, the staple of the best classrooms! Problem is we are constantly trying to organize how they are displayed, what genres and topics are important, and how to get more books into kid's hands. This collection includes library photos, links to helpful sites that will get your library where you want it, and all things useful to the classroom library! source

Substitute Folders and Binders - Not sure what types of material to leave for your substitute. Other teachers can help. Check out what they leave in their classrooms! source

Missing Assignment Reminder & Warning Forms - This collection contains information about procedures for dealing with missing assignments from students. Some of the posts also have documents that can be used to help track, warn, or remind students about missing assignments. source

Homework Planners - One of our biggest goals as teachers is to teach organization. Using planners and M.O.O.S.E. Notebooks, teachers help students develop good study habits. source

Attention Please! - I have tried the Harry Wong "give me five" routine, and found that my voice just blended in with those of the students. I got a set of wind chimes at the store and ring them. When students showed signs of...source

classroom setup - Do not set up your desk at the back of the room. The kids must see you and remember your there. First graders do not remember when they turn their backs to you and resume their crazy antics. The older ones are always trying to communicate with signals, gestures and noises in code. Again your desk at the front helps keep things under control because they can see you watching them eye-to-eye and that alone keeps them on their tasks. You will be surprised at...source

community baskets - I team teach with another teacher and our students move around throughout the day,so we thought we would try baskets in the middle of the tables for supplies. At the beginning of the year we asked that the supplies not be labeled, this way we could hold the supplies and distribute them to the baskets as needed. We used the baskets all year and the students eventually got used to sharing and not having their own "stuff". It is challenging because no matter how you organize it they will...source

First Grade - Inexpensive Ideas - I teach first grade in Altoona, Pennsylvania. Here are some inexpensive ideas that you could use. 1. I could not live without fabric for my bulletin boards. We also occassionally use one of the fabric pieces to cover a table in our library for a special unit or theme. Fabric is key! 2. I had my kids collect Saltine cracker boxes. I cut the top and bottom off and...source

homework - I give daily homework because the middle school teachers told me that the biggest problem they have with my students (when they move up to the next level) is not doing homework. Heres what I do (and now the next level is reporting success)! I take those paper pcket folders you can buy for each subject....and make a tag "HOMEWORK" and glue it on the front...source

homework cards - When they have filled in their card they get to go into the warehouse. It is full of toys, bookmarks, books, puzzles, stickers, etc., and sometimes coupons that I make up. Such as eat lunch with teacher, 10 minutes free time at end of the day, 15 minutes on computer at the end of the day, 10 points added to a test(very popular one), 10 points added to final grade in any subject of your choose.
I look at completed homework for the month and if...source

Indoor Recess Games - I teach 5th grade as well and I have all the games listed above. I also have Mancala that my students love, UNO, A Simon Says...source

Indoor Recess Games - I teach 5th, but when we have indoor recess we usually share the 4th and 5th grade classes in each others rooms. I go to garage sales in the summer and buy games for very cheap (usually $1 or $2). I have Scrabble, they love Sorry, Monopoly, Brain Quest, Trouble, etc. I always have a deck or two of...source

lining up after recess - I have first graders. One way Ive used to ensure that they line up quickly is to reward the first few students in line. As they walk past me I hand them a sticker or some other tiny treat. I dont announce that ...source

Lunch sign-up - I would put every students name on a popsicle stick. Then, I would make a giant hamburger with a HOT LUNCH title, an apple with a sandwich with a COLD LUNCH title, and a lunch sack with an ALTERNATE LUNCH title. Next, glue a pocket onto each one and students can put their popsicle stick in the right pocket. OR Get some food themed material and a nice border. Put the title ...source

Magnetic Name Plates - I also teach 5th and I buy the name plates sold at the teacher store. Our desks are made of metal, so I buy the sticky magnet tape, affix it to the back of the laminated name plate, and stick it to the front of the desk, so when I look at the kids I can see...source

Meet the teacher - It is customary at my school to prepare a powerpoint presentation about yourself. Mine is about 5 slides telling about my educational background, family, favorites, and goals for the classroom. I keep it looping throughout the open house so that parents can view it whenever they arrive. If you have a classroom computer, this works very well to ...source

no homework, no recess - Personally I like the idea of them losing recess time if they dont turn in homework. Some parents think thats wrong, but the way we look at it is like this: If they choose not to do homework (because theyre playing), then theyre choosing to not have recess (because ...source

Open House Poem and Goodie Bag - heres the poem and items for the kids goodie bag...if you want one for parents, I have that too. Im going to use that for parent teacher conferences: Dear Friend, Welcome to Multi age! This gift bag has several important remembrances inside...source

Organization? - I still have things to figure out But these are a few of the things Ive done which have helped at least with the clutter on the desk every night. I have one long table in my room (near my desk) which has all sorts of baskets, filing stands, etc., on it. ALL the work the students do goes to this table. So I dont have to worry about work on my desk every night and sorting through it. The only work that ever goes on my desk is...source

shelves - I have a hubby who is handy with tools, so hes going to put some shelves together for me. I have priced melanine (spelling?) shelving at our local Menards Hardware to put together shelving units with adjustable shelves & it seems reasonable. It comes all prepainted. You can buy "solid" planks for the top and shelves, then you can buy...source

speaking from experience - I wish that I had prepared the following: 1 - At least one bulletin board and three manipulative activities related to seasonal themes for each month (Leave the game pieces blank until they are laminated. Write on the laminated pieces with a sharpie marker. You can use hairspray to remove the marker so the pieces can be reused from year to year with new skills.) 2 - Get the textbooks ahead of time, if possible and become familiar with...source

Storage - Bulletin Board Storage: I store mine in giant pockets I made of posterboard. Take two pieces and run clear packaging tape around three sides. Print a sign on the computer stating "Fall Decorations" or "Christmas" etc. Tape this to the outside. You can even punch small holes at the top and make a handle/hanger with two sturdy pieces of yarn. I hang mine on a little hook in the back of my...source

Time Management - This will be my 17th year teaching, and its the first year that I feel as though I have a life. I have always lived and breathed school, only sometimes resenting it. For some reason this year I am finding that I have more time when I come home from school. Here are some things that help me with management...source

- source

A Day at Edison - Edison Schools in New York are providing a unique opportunity to go through a day at their schoosl. Pick a time and find out what is happening then. source

Homework Policy - Homework policy of Mr. Roemers fifth grade class source

How To Survive Open House - Ideas for managing open house. There are tips for things to do and some hints for things NOT to do source

Open House: When First Impressions Matter - How to plan for and organize open house. Great for new teachers as well as those needing a fresh perspective source

Organization Page - Information on many aspects of organization. These pages can heklp you organize yourself or help you plan ways to help your students learn organizational skills source

Saving Space and Face with Rain Gutters - A unique solution to classroom storage and display. This page shows the benefits and the "how-to" of using plastic rain gutters along the classroom wall to house a book collection source

Works4Me Tips Library: Getting Organized - Tips for organizing papers, lessons, your classroom, even bulletin boards . These are submitted by those who have tried them out source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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