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Behavior Management Survey Hundreds of teachers from across the country participated in this ProTeacher-sponsored survey. Dozens of graphs illustrate what teachers are doing in their classrooms and how they think about this critical aspect of classroom management. How many teachers use classroom meetings? How do teachers feel about extrinsic rewards? Youll find out the answers to those questions and more. source

Classroom Management Board All PreK-8 teachers are welcome to join us for discussions relating to classroom management. Share your ideas and ask questions! Also, follow the green arrows to our popular VENT boards. Read our Participation Guidelines prior to posting. New visitors welcome! source

Dealing with Tattling - Tattling can be a source of frustration for teachers and can create a lot of negative feelings between students. However, certain dangerous situations should be reported to the teacher, and students sometimes honestly do a teacher's need help to solve major interpersonal problems. Here are some strategies for how to cut down on the bad kind of "telling" while preserving the good kind. source

Classroom Rules - Involving Students - How teachers involve students in setting classroom rules source

Classroom Rules - Examples - Teachers share examples of their classroom rules source

Classroom Rules - Introducing - How teachers introduce their students to the classroom rules source

Rewards and Incentives - Many of us are finding creative ways to promote positive behavior in our classroom, while also trying to discourage negative behaviors. Rewards and incentives are one way and here's a great list! source

Talkative Class - There's a poem that's written something like: Teacher, could you, do what you ask me to do? Sit by your friend and not talk, too? Here are some ideas for dealing with the constant talkers in your classroom. source

Student of the week - Student of the week highlights one student per week throughout the school year. Here are different ideas to implement Student of the Week in your classroom. source

Star of the Week - Looking for ways to make all your students feel special? You can use some of these ideas to implement a Star Student of the Week in your classroom. source

Classroom Coupons - My kids really loved the classroom coupons I used when I taught in Las Vegas. The coupons where for special privelages based on behavior during the day. I used coupons like "No homework for a day",
"sit in the teachers desk for the day", "10 minutes of free time", or "eat lunch with the teacher". The more times you received a coupon the better the coupon. The kids really loved it. (plus it cost nothing for me) I also tide in a small...source

discipline system - I have been using a "penny jar" system for the last 12 years in my grade one class. I have baby food jars for each student that acts as their penny jars. All of the jars sit on a shelf in my room that is covered in green paper which I call.....source

Fifth Grade Discipline - I have taught fifth grade for 4 years and LOVE the age! Theyre young enough to still respect you (usually) but old enough to form relationships with. In terms of discipline, I have set up a rewards system in my classroom. I give out tickets for certain things: good behavior, organization, completing "extra" work, 100s on tests, etc. They can use their tickets to...source

popsicle sticks - When I subbed for first grade, each child had five (I believe) popsicle sticks with their names on them. These sticks were in a pouch (maybe you could use shoe bags?). When they do something bad, after the initial warning, have them ...source

preferred activity time - My school uses positive Discipline. It was developed by an American by the name of Fred Jones and it is pretty complex yet based on a simple philosophy (ie positive- being rewarded for good behavior rather than being punished for bad). I teach grade one but it can be used for any grade. It uses PAT (preferred activity time). PAT is an...source

Rewarding the good behavior - MOST of the students pins never move, so it really isnt a time-consuming program. I give those students who have remained on green all week 15 minutes at the end of the week-sometimes its free time, sometimes I may have an activity planned, but it is ONLY for those whose pins havent moved....source

rewards and reinforcement - Dont forget rewards and reinforcement of good choices. You could divide class into groups, tables with a name for each that they decide. First table ready gets a raffle ticket - have a raffle at the end of the day with fun prizes (you can buy bags of little toys or stuff at thrift stores, or use pencils, etc.)...source

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11 Techniques for Better Classroom Discipline - Techniques for achieving effective classroom control. Short discussion of each technique is provided source

A Resource Guide to Bullying - A book list of effective stories and resources for the subject of bullying. source

Attention Deficits: What Teachers Should Know - What teachers should know about ADD/ADHD, and tips on how to work with those suffering from ADD/ADHD in the classroom. source

Behavior Management - This page provides a nice review of important concepts about classroom and behavior management. source

Bullies & Victims - These startling statistics about bullying are followed with practical information and suggestions. Parents and teachers can get helpful ideas from this page source

Can Teach: A List of Ways to Encourage Good Behavior - Just what the title says, here is a list of ways to get the best behavior form your students. There are ideas here for both groups and individuals source

Classroom Discipline: A Management Guide For Christian School Teachers - A very descriptive article about how to maintain discipline and behavior in Christian schools source

Creating a Peaceful Classroom - In this lesson, students are encouraged to consider qualities of a peaceful classroom and develop classroom rules together. source

Discipline In The Classroom - An article about maintaining discipline in the classroom source

Dont Take It Out On Your Kids - Positive discipline techniques for teachers and parents. Excerpts from the book Dont Take It Out On Your Kids show positive ways to handle difficult situations with children source

Giving and Getting Respect - Here are some ways to encourage respectful behavior from your students by showing respect to them. "Dr. Mac" gives many examples of situations teachers can use to model respectful behavior source

Good Behavior Charts - Colorful weekly charts that you can use for spreading the good news about childrens behavior. Instructions for saving and using these charts is included source

Goodkids - Though basically a parenting guide, this page has many ideas and helpful hints for the classroom source

Make Lemons into Lemonade - Information on setting limits establishing responsibility and control in a childs life. The four types of limits and keys to effective limits source

Managing Student Conduct - There are many things to consider when planning for students behavior. This page address things such as room arrangement, setting expectations, managing student work and misbehavior, There is also information about working with ESOL students and a handy chart of effective and ineffective praise source

Mrs. Melettes Third Grade Classroom Rules and Behavior Plan - A list of rules for the classroom source

Mrs. Zeigers Class - Classroom policies and management style. Mrs. Zeiger explains her "lunch bunch" system as well as behavior contracts and the way she handles math facts and spelling source

Nice Things to Try Before Penalizing Youngsters for Their Misbehavior - Tips and ideas for reacting to students during trying times. Some of the techniques include "giving information," "Using short statements" and "Describing How You Feel" source

Positive Discipline - Methods of discipline for ages K-6. Information focuses on positive discipline source

Positive Discipline - Suggestions to parents to help encourage appropriate behavior and what to do for misbehavior. Teachers can benefit from much of the information source

Positive Discipline Online - Information for teachers from the Postive Discipline . Feature articles, questions and archived information source

Establishing and Maintaining Rapport with Students - Basic advice for paraeducators on effective ways of developing positive repport with students in a classroom. source

Reach for the Stars Getting Parents on Your Side - This short article details pointers to help you get and keep parents working with you for the benefit of the students source

Roemers Behavior Philosophy - Student-written behavior philosophy that helps keep good discipline developed to increase self-control in at-risk students source

Schoolwide and Classroom Discipline - A very thorough article on how to improve discipline in the classroom source

The Behavior Home Page - This is a forum from the state of Kentucky that can help teachers with students who have challenging behaviors. Information of why these behaviors occur, as well as information about handling behaviors is included source

The Metamorphosis of Classroom Management - A short academic article describing recent changes in the study of classroom management source

Token Economies - An explanation about what a token economy is and how to use one with effective results source

Ways to Catch Kids Being Good - Acknowledging kids while they are behaving well is an effective management strategy, this page tell you how to accomplish it source

What is a Functional Assessment? - This page describes the steps and purposes of a functional assessment, used to help intervene with behavior problems source

Works4Me Tips Library: Behavior Control - Real tips and solutions from those "in the trenches." Ideas for common behavior problems such as time on task, and noise level source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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