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ProTeacher Community Visit our growing community of elementary school teachers! Get involved today! Ask questions and share ideas with teachers nationwide. Over 30 active discussion boards. Newcomers always welcome! Free! source

Behavior Management Survey Hundreds of teachers from across the country participated in this ProTeacher-sponsored survey. Dozens of graphs illustrate what teachers are doing in their classrooms and how they think about this critical aspect of classroom management. How many teachers use classroom meetings? How do teachers feel about extrinsic rewards? Youll find out the answers to those questions and more. source

Classroom Management Board All PreK-8 teachers are welcome to join us for discussions relating to classroom management. Share your ideas and ask questions! Also, follow the green arrows to our popular VENT boards. Read our Participation Guidelines prior to posting. New visitors welcome! source

It's All About the Climb One educator's journey as a Responsive Classroom teacher. Your thoughts and wonderings make this blog more exciting. Happy climbing! [BLOG] source

Walking in Line - Strategies for helping your class have a straight and quiet line in the hallway. source

Ways to Quiet the Classroom - The following will help to get the students to quiet down and focus on direct instruction source

Classroom Procedures - Tips for establishing good classroom procedures source

Classroom Pets - Classroom Pets can be a HUGE responsibility, so deciding what kind of pet to bring into your classroom is an important decision. Here's a collection of ideas on what pets are best and some great advice from teachers who've had different kinds of pets in their own classrooms. source

Attention Signals & Quiet Signals - Various suggestions to get the attention of the whole class to prepare them for various other activities or to get them quiet. Some may be more appropriate for younger students, while others work better for older students. source

Indoor Recess Games - Fun ideas for what to do when recess is in the classroom source

Attention Signals - Call and Response - Here are som suggestions for 'Call and Response' lines (or actions) to get the attention of the entire class. Some are more appropriate for younger students, but many also work well with older students. source

Restroom Breaks Policies/Procedures - Wondering how other teachers handle bathroom breaks in their classrooms? Here is a collection of ideas tested in some classrooms. source

Sharpening Pencils & Lost Pencil Procedures - This seems to be a hot topic with teachers. This collection will give you a lot of advice on how to handle pencils in your classroom. source

Birthdays - Student Birthdays - Here are some suggestions to help you celebrate student birthdays. Make sure they feel extra special on their day! source

Attention Getters - This is a collection of tried and true attention getting techniques to refocus students' attention in the classroom. source

Bathroom Hall Pass - There are many different ways to handle sending students out of the classroom. Here are a few ways to manage bathroom breaks. source

Birthdays - Celebrating Birthdays - Birthdays are very special and deserve to be celebrated. Here's a collection of ideas if you're looking for something different to do to celebrate in your classroom. source

Dismissal Procedure - A hug, a high-five or a hand-shake? There are some creative ways to say good-bye to students at the end of the day. Look and see how teachers are bidding farewell to their students each night. source

Discipline in 2nd - I teach 2nd and do the following: I start my year out discussing every scenario I can think of covered by our rules. I have the kids act out situations they draw from a bucket and we talk about what they did to solve the problem. This gives them concrete examples of what I expect/do NOT expect to take away. We talk about the consequences...source

First day jitters - My best advice is to establish routine. You have to begin school with an idea already of how you would like simple tasks followed. Ex: bathroom, questions, lunch, lining up. passing in work. Dont fluctuate day to day with a different pattern, stick to whatever routine you have established. Otherwise,...source

hand movement cheers - My students enjoyed these hand movements below.
1. Hold up your right hand in the air. Then with your left hand make a fist and point out your pointer finger... then swirl the finger on your right hand and say ...source

jobs and rules for 5th graders - I have the usual jobs: line leader (star student does this job), two door holders, two table washers, a messanger, a lunch monitor (takes lunch count passes out tickets), a paper passer, a board washer, a ...source

lining up - Since you line up outside (that has to be hair raising) you might want to have a signal to use that once they look over and see it they are to come immediately...source

My Primary Rules - I tell them they need to listen to me and raise their hands to speak. If they get out of their desks I make them go back and raise their hands. If they yell out an answer I ignore them. (I always thank them for raising their hands when they do get the message. I also tell them...source

true blue friend - I have the pocket system too but I tried something new with it last year that really worked for me. I have one green index card for each child in each pocket. Theres a gold seal on one end and a blue happy face sticker on the other. Everyone starts off with the gold end showing to "treat others the way theyd like to be treated i.e. the Golden rule" When another student or the teacher catches someone doing something nice for the class or another student, they go and flip...source

try this for peace and quiet - Heres what Ive been doing for seven years teaching third grade. It works, but no class of kids is ever quiet and studious all of the time, no matter what you see when you walk by other classrooms...source

what to do when finished - These are my usual options of what to do when finished. They are nothing unusual or creative.
In no particular order...
* read AR book (or anything if AR goal has been met)
*take AR quiz
*update reading log
* use computer if its your assigned day
* do your class job (some things can be done at any time)
* fill out assignment book if you havent already
*work on writers workshop story
*conference with me if needed
*redo or...source

Adding Variety & Fun to a Class Period - Secondary teacher Robert Morgan offers some fun ideas that would work in the elementary grades as well source

Can Teach: A List of Rewards - Has someone been good? Here is a long list of 49 different rewards you can grant those who have earned a treat source

Can Teach: Im Done, Now What?": A List of Things One Can Do After Seat Work - Here is a list of ideas to keep those fast finishers occupied. source

Classroom Management - This short article compares classroom management methods of consequences, rewards and privileges, and postive discipline source

Classroom Management Ideas - This collection of management ideas even includes pictures source

Classroom Management Tips - Teachers share ideas to help manage students and classroom issues source

Conducting Conduct - This page discusses the use of nonverbal signals in classroom management. Information about scheduling workshops about this management model are included source

Elementary School Ideas - A collection of practical classroom management tips and ideas for elementary school teachers including a list of inexpensive rewards source

General Teacher Tips - Many classroom hints from seasoned educators. See what is here that might make your life easier! source

Guidelines For Good Classroom Management Practice - A collection of practical advice from teachers including guidelines for good discipline, classroom set-up, things to do before school starts, and ideas for encouraging parent involvement source

Ideas for Many Areas of Class Management - Icebreakers, energizers, tips for grading papers, review games. Lots of ideas for making the most out of your classroom time source

Jans Thoughts on Classroom Management - One teachers thoughts on managing her classroom and building community within a classroom source

Laura Candlers File Cabinet Odds and Ends - Forms, contracts, parent permission letters and all sorts of useful goodies for the busy classroom teacher source

Primary Teacher Tips - Helpful hints especially for those teaching little ones. Lots of ideas submitted by experienced teachers source

Reach for the Stars Setting Up a Discipline System - This page lists different models of discipline systems as well a things to consider when deciding on which system to use. A good starting spot for teachers source

School Manners Madness - A jumping off point for Manners lessons as well as suggested lessons and activities source

Strategies for Classroom Management - From the Florida Dept. of Education come some good strategies for managing your classroom. Organization, Effective Communication Skills, Monitoring and Delivery of Instruction are all discussed source

What is Your Classroom Management Profile? - Here is a short quiz to help you determine you personal classroom management style. Once determined, this site gives more information on each profile. source

The ProTeacher Collection - Tens of thousands of teaching ideas and advice from experienced teachers across the United States and around the world. A FREE service brought to you by members of the ProTeacher Community.

ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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