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Testing Treats and Motivators - This is a collection of activities, ideas and printables that teachers can use with their students as encouragement before they take their 'high-stakes' tests. source

Test Preparation - A collection of strategies, advice and materials for preparing students for the high-stakes standardized tests. Some ideas may need to take place throughout the school year, while others address last-minute or week of testing. source

Grading Tips & Techniques - Information, tips and strategies about grading student work can be found in this collection. source

Alternative Assessment - An article discussing various options for pre and post unit assessments source

Alternative Assessments in Science - A collection of writings by teachers at all levels (through college) exploring alternative ways of assessing student learning source

Assessment Strategies and Definitions - A listing and definition of several different assessment strategies. These all go beyond the "pop" quiz source

Authentic Assessment:Performance Tasks and Rubrics - Information on setting up, implementing and scoring performance tasks source

Concept Web - Often used to help students organize learning, concept webs can also be used for assessment. This page shows ways to assess learning using a concept web source

CSAP Aurora Public Schools - This page leads to samples of the CSAP test (Colorado Student Assessment Program). A variety of subject areas and grade levels are available source

Evaluation Introduction - An introduction to the process of evaluation. Discussion includes terms of evaluation, purposes and goal, self reflections and the process of evaluating students, programs and curriculum source

Evaluation Techniques - There are many methods of evaluation and assessment. These articles explain the purposes and process of several different techniques. Included with some are printable checklists to assist you source

Handy Reference Material about Educational Testing - Questions about educational testing? There are answers on this page. Terminology, frequently asked questions, information for parents are all covered in this reference page source

How to Establish Productive Record Keeping Practices - Keeping effective records is very important. This article gives suggestions for several ways to collect and maintain your records source

How to Simplify the Grading Workload - Here are some suggestions for taking a load off when it comes to grading assignments. Something here may give you some extra time for fun source

Keep Yourself Out of the Fire with Progress Reports - This article discusses using progress reports as a communication tool between home and school. A form is offered as well as tips for making the process simple and effective source

Negotiable Contracting & Rubrics - Create rubrics with your students through a process called "Negotiable Contracting" source

Oral Presentation Rubric - Students giving oral presentations? Use this rubric to help assess their performance source

Paper and Pencil Tests - Information on making a paper/ pencil test an effective assessment tool. Many examples provided source

Parent Conference Tips That Work - Here is a list of things to do to get and keep parents on your side. This makes a good checklist for those who are anxious about those first parent conferences source

Performance Assessment - This Consumer Guide from the US Department of Education gives an introductory discussion of Perfomance Assessment. Included is information about what is involved, research, costs and resources source

Performance Tasks - This page defines and discusses the use of performance tasks for classroom assessment source

Project Based Learning Checklist - An online checklist or rubric which can be used to assess student performance in writing, presentations or science, Different rubrics are available for grade levels. source

Quarterly Report Card Comments - This page has a long list of report card comments. A handy tool when you are out of ideas source

Questioning - Asking effective questions is important to assessing student learning. This page helps teachers plan good questioning strategies source

QuizStar - Make online quizzes for your students. This program lets you do everything on line, no downloads source

Report Card Comments - This list has some detailed comments for your report cards. source

Report Card Comments--Langauge Arts - Here is a list of comment ready to use. The focus of this collection is Language arts, but many can be used generally source

Report Card Comments--Math - This collection of comments, stating both strengths and weakenss, will be helpful math report cards source

Report Cards - Ideas for handling report card comments. Includes sample comments source

Research Cycle Rubric - A rubric for evaluating student work during the research cycle (research projects, reports) source

Rubistar - For teachers who want to use rubrics and need help building them. These are customizable template for rubrics of several kinds. Many kind of projects, products and skills are represented source

Rubrics - A collection of rubrics. Some are ready to print off and use. Many require Acrobat Reader source

Rubrics - Specific information on how to use and create rubrics as assessment tools. Included is a bank of ready made rubrics for use or inspiration source

Rubrics Guidelines - A "how-to" for designing rubrics to use in assessing your students. Subject-specific examples are available on the source page source

Teaching to Academic Standards - Online interactive "workshop" that explains the use and history of academic standards. Important concepts, vocabulary and opinions are explored in this learning experience source

Teachnet Report Card Comments - This list will help you figure out just what to write in the comment box of those report cards source

Test Your Attitude - Most teachers have definite opinions about standardized test. How you approach your students with your test attitude can impact their prefomance. See what you can do about it source

The Report Designer - This page has a list of report card comments you can use. There are comments for many subjects and other areas source

Web Evaluation for Intermediate Grades - This tool helps intermediate students evaluate web pages on the basis on design, content, technical elements and credibility source

Web Evaluation for Primary Grades - Help your students critically evaluate the websites they visit. This rubric guides primary students through a 5 question checklist source

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ProTeacher Community - Visit our growing community of elementary and middle school teachers! Get involved today! Dozens of active boards, blogs and chat; hundreds of active discussions, and tens of thousands of teaching ideas. Newcomers always welcome! source

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